I'm having one of those mornings.

It feels like it could turn into one of those days.  But I refuse to believe that this feeling is going to last all day.  I think it's just hitting me hard because I'm sitting here in a quiet house with nothing to do but think about what it was that put me in this mood.

(And no, it's not sentimentality over my kids going off to school.  Don't you all know me better then that by now?)

I'll survive.  Tomorrow I'll (probably) be fine.  But for today, my mind wants to shut the world out, shed a tear (or two or three), eat a pan of brownies and have a big ol' pity party.

I think I'll just eat the pan of brownies.

And then I will go indulge myself in the love of a new baby girl who one day, when she's old enough to talk, may very well call me "Aunt Candy"

And for now that's enough to make me smile.

Okay, that AND the pan of brownies.