Momma Friends

The past few days, my girlfriend has been going through the joys of "early labor"...but when you're bringing a baby into this world, labor is labor, and it doesn't matter at what stage of it you're in.  It's the craziest, worst, and most anxious feeling all wrapped into one anticipated moment - that moment when you introduce your child to the rest of the world.

The past few days, my girlfriend (not the same one) has been packing up her son's bedroom in preparation of his leave for college.  Her "little boy" was born just 6 months before Mr. D. and I were married, so I've seen this boy as a newborn, and all the way through including his graduation party last summer.  I can't believe he's grown up enough to be living on his own.  And didn't he learn that he's breaking his momma's heart by leaving home?

Both of my momma friends are having life-changing weekends.

My momma friends keep me humble.  It doesn't matter how I may try to swing it, the "stress" I thought I was feeling with planning a soon-to-be 8 year old American Girl birthday is NOTHING compared to what these two beautiful women are feeling this weekend.

I love my momma friends.

I'm praying for my momma friends.