Children Fighting in the Sandbox

Another school board meeting - another blog post.  I wish that I wouldn't be prompted to write after I attend these things...but it happens.  I'm a woman, I have emotions...and it happened on my birthday and gave me a headache, and that annoyed me.

So I'm going to write about it.  Because I can.  Because it's my blog.  And there's this thing called Free Speech.

I'm not the only one who writes (or vents) under the guise of free speech.  Someone somewhere associated with our school district has chosen to create and write in the blogging world and use it to "inform and comment on educational issues" within the school district.  He or she is an anonymous blogger, so I have no idea as to who it is...and even if I did know their name, what are the odds that I would actually know this person?  Pretty slim I imagine.  I'm not a western New York native, and until recently I've tended to stay inside my little bubble.

When I first stumbled upon said blog, I was...intrigued, shocked, aghast, and infuriated at what I learned about our school district and what was going on that I had no idea of.  I suppose I still am.  But it's not because of this extra reading material any longer.

This particular blog may "inform"...but it's done very deceitfully.  Everyone hides behind an anonymous or created name.  There are so many issues in our school district right now, it could be any number of disgruntled former district employees or community members who write the information there.  I suppose I still read to stay "in the know", but only to a certain point.    I do not engage in the back-biting and name-calling because it's first of all, incredibly immature.  Second, when done anonymously, it kind-of loses all credibility, don't you think?

Our school district is just messed up...many school districts are.  Budget cuts, lay-offs, and add to it rigorous state mandates that are completely insane for teachers and's just messing everything up within the school system.

I understand all this.  You have my sympathies...really!

At this month's school board meeting, a legitimate concern was presented before the board of education regarding our children.  It went unacknowledged.  Another parent presented an equally important and similar concern for her child. That also, for the most part, went unacknowledged, other than a brief referral to an individual who should be contacted for further information.  SIX entire minutes of actual concern of parents over our children's education -  THAT is a problem.  I then had to sit for another hour and a half listening to what was nothing more than mere children fighting in the sandbox about events that happened YEARS ago, lawsuits against this person, resignations demanded of that person, disrespect being shown all over the place, and each side only yelling to be heard over the other one...and THAT is a problem.   When the sand starts flying, emotions begin raging, and adult children add a little water to the mix, it soon turns to mud-slinging...and THAT is a problem.

Oh I'm sure that if any of the faceless anonymous blog commentors at that "other" blog were to get wind of this, I would be on their hit list.  After all, how dare I say what they're fighting for and about is not important!  But why are we at these school board meetings if not for our children?  If you are a pissed-off (oh dear, I used that word again...excuse me)former employee - move on and stop stoking the fire.  If you are a school board member being accused...step up.  You either did, or you didn't.  Be accountable for your actions.  What is important to me is getting my children out of their sardine-packed classrooms.   What is important to me is making sure my kids are not missing out on learning something completely amazing when they've been stuck sitting through HOURS of meaningless state-mandated testing.   What is important to me, is seeing the teachers who make a real difference in the lives of my children having a job to come back to every year.

I get that as a community, we can't let this board and administration walk all over our teachers and make foolish decisions, killing our school district.   I really do understand that there are HORRIBLE decisions being made that are having a negative effect on this school district.  But my children deserve more than 6 minutes of your time once a month.  This community and this school board are so concerned over who is right or who is wrong on matters that things have gotten completely out of control - it's our children, the ones whom you were elected to fight for to begin with...they're the ones getting lost in your sandstorm on the playground.

Grow up.