2011: 40 Thoughts in 40 Days


To you - because you made it through 40 days of my rambling, crazy memories, and going a little deeper into my sometimes scattered brain.

To myself - for sticking to this whole "40 in 40" thing.

This whole past year I've been looking forward to this coming birthday.  I actually began embracing my birthdays recently, completely enjoying them, some might even say "milking" them for all their worth.  I believe in a birthday week, not just one day, and if I could I'd go for a birthday month.

This is just how much I love my birthday.

Last year?

THIS was how much I loved my birthday!  (Okay, it wasn't actually on my birthday, but a few weeks prior to.  But I did say that I would take a birthday month if I could get one...)

Now I know you're dying to know about the big 40, and how I will be celebrating.

You'll just have to wait and see....I don't even know yet how I will be celebrating tomorrow!! (That's not to say I haven't already begun celebrating a wee bit early!)