2008: 40 Thoughts in 40 Days

Is there anything better than the best of friends to share things with?  I'm lucky like that.  I happen to be surrounded by "besties" who share my love of all things Broadway.

I came to my love of musicals all on my own, but somehow I managed to marry a man who enjoys them (or at least isn't completely opposed to watching them with me) and also having two bestest friends whom I can sing and enjoy a good musical number with.

When my girlfriend called me years ago, alerting me to a new musical that I just HAD to hear, I laughed and said ok...sure.  When the CD arrived at my house I laughed and said to myself...sure.  And then (and I can't believe I did this.)  I shelved it.  I actually put the CD up on the shelf to listen to at some undefined point in the future.

This was the same friend who I was able to share the experience of seeing "Phantom of the Opera" for the first time with in Toronto - Actually, we saw it twice.  (My mind wants to remember a 3rd time, but I'm not entirely sure...it's a bit of a blur)  Anyway, I trusted her judgement, but when I received the CD...I still shelved it.  For a very long time.  Months even.

What was I thinking?

They asked, "Have you listened to it?"  Nah, haven't gotten to it.

"You NEED to listen to this musical!"  Yeah.  I know.  I will.

"Seriously.  Listen to the CD."  Fine!  I'll listen to it!!

I pulled it down and listened to it after probably 6 months of collecting dust. (It may have been closer to 9 months actually.)  That was 6 months of time wasted not appreciating what I had in my possession.  6 months of not realizing that THE most amazing musical was in my grasp and I had no clue.  6 months before I discovered the thrill of Elphaba and Galinda and their story before "Dorothy dropped in."
Wicked arrived on Broadway in 2003, took over the Tony Awards in 2004, and it wasn't until 2008 when the opportunity arrived for my turn...OUR turn...myself, best friend, and our spouses to see it for ourselves via the touring company.

I was officially hooked...I think I was hooked before seeing it, but to have the opportunity to see it on the stage for myself ... and to see it with my own "Galinda" was the icing on the cake.

The musical is on the list of "must-see" musicals, the Top 25 of Broadway, and if you can't get to a theater to enjoy it for yourself, I'd be happy to break into my own version of "The Wizard and I" for your listening pleasure.  "Defying Gravity" is a bit of a stretch for me vocally, but I'd be willing to give it a shot, because I think everyone needs to experience a little culture in their life at some point.

Four performances under my belt - 2 in Buffalo, 1 in Toledo, and one more that I have yet to tell you all about (future blog post alert!), it remains my favorite musical of all time.  Thank you Nina and Rick for pushing me to listen and getting me hooked....Thank you for being the Galinda to my Elphaba!!
Birthday cake for my 36th bday,
courtesy of my local Dairy Queen and mom!