2006: 40 Thoughts in 40 Days

I grew up being part of a family of 4.  Being a grown-up, I was content having my own little family of 4.  Mom, dad, son, daughter...perfection, right?


If you've been reading and following (and hopefully you have been!), you'll know that I had absolutely ZERO control over when our son and daughter came into our lives.  Granted, I was there and part of the process, yes.  But it was God's timing when these children came into our lives, no matter how hard I tried.

And if I didn't have control then....guess what?  I certainly didn't have control after they were born and I thought I was done having kids.

Ha Ha!

My little super-hero, little dude, comedienne extraordinaire, and little surprise was born in March 2006.

I was scared at the thought of being out-numbered by the kids in this house.

I was petrified at how I could possibly care for two little ones at home...three when our oldest came home from school in the afternoon.


I was completely in love with this new little man in my life who, even though frightened me with his "unprepared for" arrival, has continued to make me laugh every single day of his life since he's been  on this earth.