2003: 40 Thoughts in 40 Days

By the time I hit my 31st birthday, I had become a student again.  It wasn't something I had ever planned on doing, going to Bible School, but the opportunity had presented itself and I jumped on it.  I registered as a "part-time" student (because being "mom" was still my full-time job), and each semester found me registered for another class...sometimes two.

One night a week for 3 hours I sat in a class with other students all of us hoping to gain a little knowledge and insight into the topic at hand...

Christian Ethics
Acts and Paul's Letters (All-time FAVORITE class)
Book of Hebrews
Women in Ministry
New Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey (Another favorite, but completely burned me out)
Marriage and Family
World Religion (Took this one a couple of times, once audited and then for credit)

What was I thinking taking myself away from my family not just one night a week, but also taking the time to do the class work and writing those lengthy papers?

I was thinking that I needed to get into the Word more.  I was thinking that I was not disciplined and committed enough to just do it on my own.

And I was right, during the time that I was at Elim Bible Institute, I caught more of what was written in the Bible than what I had ever realized.  Not just the words that were written, but the context, the authors, and the history that surrounds God's words.

I wish that I had completed my certificate, and maybe one day I will, but for now it's been placed at the back on my "Things To Do" list...for those times in life when I have nothing else demanding my attention.

Unfortunately, it's a list I don't get to look at and cross things off of very often.