2000: 40 Thoughts in 40 Days

A few weeks before I turned 28...
...I became a mom.

A quick history...late 1998, we had miscarried our first child.  Exactly one year later on what should have been a sad day of remembering...I was taking a pregnancy test, and watching the results turn positive!  Even though I remembered with dread what had happened just one year before, I was now celebrating the fact that another baby was on the way.

I had home pregnancy tests telling me I was pregnant.  I had a doctor telling me I was pregnant.  We told all of our friends and family that we were pregnant, and although it wasn't said, I know that everyone was hoping for the very best this time around.  Well this time around was definitely it when at 7 weeks, "morning sickness" kicked in like a rocket, and just an FYI...the "morning" part of morning sickness is a complete lie.  It wasn't just in the morning, but lasted all day, every day for seven weeks.  It seems like such a short time now when I think about it, but back then it was kicking my butt!  

It was in July, just a few weeks shy of my 28th birthday when D-man finally made his way into my world.  And I do mean FINALLY since he took his sweet time getting here.  When I was 12 days past my supposed due date, I was admitted into the hospital to push things along.  42 hours later, I hated everyone in the maternity ward, baby wasn't coming, my doctor wouldn't allow an epidural because baby wasn't coming.  Then we discovered baby was basically coming out "butt first".   Finally doc made the decision, I was wheeled in to the operating room, and D-man made his appearance a few minutes later via c-section.

And did I mentioned he was born weighing 11 pounds?

Once I could hold him, marvel at him, and look at this beautiful child who had spent the last nine months curled up within me, I realized that God's timing is all that is important.  No matter what my schedule is, it is His schedule that will make things perfect.


Uncle Bob said…
11 pounds. WOW, I could see why they had to do a C section. He did not want to come out, and was happy where he was....God Bless you Candy, and all your family. You guys have done well..