1998: 40 Thoughts in 40 Days

Happy Birthday to me - August 1998
Here's a secret for all of my devoted readers ...all 4 of you anyway.

I love money.  You know, for more than the obvious reasons.  Maybe I should clarify my statement though since we all know that "The love money is the root of all evil."

What I mean to say is - I love to play with it, count it, figure out what's missing, figure out the puzzle that makes it all work.

But I wasn't always like this.  Growing up, counting money was way too much math for this artistic girl.  It was a very left brain journey that my right-sided brain didn't want to travel any more often than absolutely necessary. But I did it because it was math that needed to be learned in school and I had to if I wanted to save for the future or purchase for the present.

By 1998, hubby and I had arrived at a point in time where I had become familiar enough with living in western New York and was comfortable with my surroundings, but being a "stay-at-home mom" to the dog was just not working for me.  So, I went back to work - and of all the places that were hiring, I ended up at a bank...getting paid to do the money thing.

Turns out, the left side of my brain actually enjoys a little work-out now and again.  And on those days when things weren't quite what they should be at the end of the day, I enjoyed "the puzzle" - the credit that was supposed to be a debit, the debit that was supposed to be a credit, a bill getting caught in the counter, all adding up together and becoming that "bottom line".

I started out as low-man on the teller line, did my time, and ended up training for the position of head teller .... right before I quit, because I decided that I would rather have a baby than a career.  But should that time ever pop up again, when it's time for me to do something outside of being mom to the monkey children, you can bet I'll return to my banking roots.