1996: 40 Thoughts in 40 Days

Riddle me, riddle me, riddle me ree...A man and woman married only a few short years, become new homeowners - what's probably the most idiotic thing we could do at this point?




Admittedly, not the most fiscally responsible thing we've ever done.  Taxes were higher, cost of living was higher, EVERYTHING cost more!  On top of that, we had been in our house, only a few months really, when one day I started to think that maybe Mr. D. was missing being around HIS family since they all lived in western New York (I'm such a thoughtful kind-of girl like that).  Then I started thinking about how really sick and tired I was of seeing corn fields everywhere I went (we were "in town", but it was small and it was rural).  This led to imagining what it might be like to live in a suburban area.  Of a major city.  Becoming more...independent.

(What was I thinking?)

I shared my thoughts with the hubby, and it was almost as if that was all the confirmation that he needed.  Immediately, he began notifying the post offices in the Buffalo, NY suburbs letting them know that he was looking to transfer, and when word was received that a carrier's position was available for him, I had to do something that I absolutely dreaded.

Telling my mother that we were moving.

Out of state.


The move was to happen fairly quickly.  Our home, which we had owned for only a year, was put up for sale, and we were referred to a realtor who could help us find a new place to live in New York.  Neither of these tasks were completed in a timely manner.  We moved prior to the sale of our home in Ohio, and waiting on the sale of that residence put us at an obvious disadvantage in being able to purchase a new residence for us to move into.  We spent the next  6 months in an apartment while we prayed for the quick sale of our home and looked at all possible housing arrangements.

Here I was, a young woman, married for a short 2 1/2 years, and I was making my third move in that same period of time.  I really don't recommend this.  It was a very exciting time for me looking at what the future held, but I also had yet to find my "home" since being married.  Knowing that this new apartment was another temporary residence didn't help either.

So what DOES a young woman do when she is in a new city, only a small apartment to take care of, and Mr. D. is working.  A LOT?
A move to Buffalo, deserved an apron with a recipe for Buffalo Wings!
I unpacked boxes that we would only be repacking in 6 months.  And no, I didn't take up becoming the next Julia Childs.  I had this thought earlier tonight while cooking dinner.  Despite that I've become more comfortable in a kitchen, despite that I can cook something besides Hamburger Helper, and despite that my kids genuinely LIKE my cooking...I still don't like doing it.

Now the obvious question is: Was the move worth it?

I have to think so, yes.  The taxes are still insanely high, the cost of living is ridiculous, and I miss my friends and family that we left behind almost daily.  But - I'm happy to say that we've been here 16 years and I've established long-lasting friendships, experienced life differently than what I could have ever dreamed of, and I have my own little family now with the three monkey children.

I'm home.


(Keeping with my "music I listened to during the said year...", this one ranked in at #6 for the year in Christian music.  Smitty!!)