1995: 40 Thoughts in 40 Days

Being married to a career mailman "letter carrier", I shouldn't have been surprised when he came home from work one day informing me of a new house that was being built on his mail route. A new build that was still available and looking to be sold by the contractor.  Did I want to go look at it?


(Don't get me wrong, our little apartment was just fine - but the idea of being a homeowner was rather exciting.  You know, in a stupid kind-of way.)

So we took the plunge...but we didn't just become homeowners, we became part of the building "process".  The contractor let us have a say in paint, carpet, flooring, bathroom fixtures, lighting, countertops,etc...as long as it fit in the budget he had initially set for himself when he began the project.

Just for the record...that's a LOT of pressure!  Signing a 30 year mortgage and picking out all of those little details for your home that yes, can be changed at some point down the road, but you want it to last into the foreseeable future.  Kitchen would be styled very "country" with oak cabinets, and a light blue countertop, the living room/hallway was styled with carpet that coordinated nicely with our current sofa...except that nicely coordinated color was...magenta.  And that's being generous.  Yeah, it was a dark pink.  My bathroom was my favorite room in the house with dark green floors that were a very high gloss, so it almost looked like marble.

Thankfully, it was a VERY small house (less than 1000 square feet) so it wasn't an insane amount of work prior to moving in January of 1995.

The REAL fun began the following month, when we had an addition to our family.

A little fur ball named "Skeeter" took over our home, all 4 pounds of Yorkshire Terrier that he was, he was also a little terror.  Let's just say he initiated the house very well for the next 12 months (and for 12 years after that.)...

...and then we moved...

Again. (Yippee.)