1985: 40 Thoughts in 40 Days

When I think of the year 1985, I think of a leopard print jacket.

No.  Not mine.  Sadly, such a prized piece of clothing has never graced my closet.

This -
...is the leopard print of which I speak.

And when I think of Amy Grant and her Unguarded album that was released in 1985, I immediately think of my dear friend who had this album, and it was she who made a recording of it for me onto a cassette tape so I could have it for my very own.  I tried picking my favorite song off of it...I gave up, it was an impossible task.  But it has led me to relive some great memories with the music I used to listen to...and yes, I'll be sharing that with you in upcoming days. (I sense your excitement!)

"Grant"ed (go ahead, laugh...it's a funny play on her name), I don't know if Unguarded was Amy's best album, and it wasn't even her first...but it was good stuff.  And it set things in motion for contemporary Christian music to really take off.  Thank goodness, because right about now was when my life became complicated, hard, emotional, fun, and a whirlwind.  I was a teenager!!

1985 - When Marty and Doc Brown took on time travel in one of these -

...and also when a gallon of gas cost $1.09, a movie ticket was $2.75, and sending a first class letter was 22 cents.  Names and phrases that were familiar on the evening news were the "Achille Lauro", the Unabomber, Mikel Gorbachev, and AIDS.

Even more popular than Amy's leopard print jacket though, was the release of a recording that was created to raise awareness and money for famine relief under the name of "USA for Africa."  44 popular names landed their voices to the supergroup under the direction of Quincy Jones.  (Yes, I owned and loved this album, and yes, it may very well still be in my possession!)