1977: 40 Thoughts in 40 Days

I'm turning 40 in just a few weeks.  That's my motivation behind these recent blog posts.  In 40 days, can I find 40 memories or thoughts running around in my head about my life over the last 40 years?  You'd think it would be easy - after all, 40 years is a long time.  In that time, I've known a lot of family and friends...some mere acquaintances.  There have been moments that have happened that anyone would swear to never being able to forget. There have been eight different houses in 40 years, different towns in different states, saying goodbye to loved ones who have passed away, and making new memories everyday with my 3 kids.

So I'm sharing 40 years of my life with you - with various thoughts and memories of the people and experiences I have had while "growing up".

In August of 1977,  I was getting ready to enter the first grade - and I was apparently having hair issues as well...
Which leads me my next memory - the many times through the years we would take a trip down the road to Angola, Indiana to the Rainbow Beauty Salon where mom would get her hair done.  How I wish I had a photo of this place, even now as I sit here and remember the interior, a grin forms on my face as I shake my head in disbelief.

Back then?  I thought it was probably the most grand place I had ever been to.  It was in a the heart of the town of Angola in one of the older brick building just a block off the village circle.  So yes, when I say it was an old brick building...it really was.  And when I refer to it as a "salon" - that's exactly what it was in every sense of the word.  A salon where a woman of taste could walk in the front door and browse through dresses, choosing something spectacular for her date that evening, and then proceed on to the back of the salon where she could have her hair and nails done.   (I honestly can't remember anyone buying clothes there though except for the little old ladies that were there getting their blue hair tinted...probably the original customers from when the salon was first in business.)

Picture with me, walking into that back "area" (because although it was a room, it wasn't just a room - it was huge)  And this was a two-story building, but this back area was just monstrous, two-stories tall but without the second-floor...just one large open area with very high ceilings.  And it was pink.  Everywhere was pink.  And ornate golden scroll work...everywhere.  Standing at the entrance to the area, along the right wall were nothing but back black lounging chairs at the shampoo sinks.  In the center was an "island" (also very pink and very ornate) where all of the stylist chairs were - I think there may have been some around the perimeter of the room as well, but we always sat around the island.  Which was okay - we thought it was fun.  And the big "bowl over your head" hairdryers - a row of them lined the other wall.

The best description I can think of is to imagine French Renaissance interior merged with the home interior design of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"  (and yes, there was an abundance of statuary).


Got it?  Now....submerge it all in Pepto-Bismal Pink Paint, and you've got it perfectly.

For a little girl - it made me feel like a princess to be able to go there.

At this time, the movie Star Wars had opened just a few months prior in theaters, becoming an epic hit (for years to come!).   "Son of Sam", David Berkowitz was arrested for the murders of numerous New York City residents, and "The King of Rock & Roll", Elvis Presley, was found dead at his Graceland estate. I remember being right beside our stereo system at home when the news broke about this, and even at only 5 years old, I knew this was a big deal.  Although never a big fan of Elvis myself,  my parents had enjoyed his music for most of his career.  

The following is a special that aired shortly after his death on television -