March 17-20, 1945

**World War II timeline:
March 7, 1945 - The Allies capture two significant targets in Germany -- the Remagen bridge over the Rhine, and the city of Cologne.
March 9, 1945 - U.S. firebombing of Tokyo kills about 85,000 Japanese.
March 16, 1945 - U.S. troops complete the capture of Iwo Jima from the Japanese, at the cost of 20,000 American casualties.
March 20, 1945 - The Allies capture Mandalay, Burma. 

March 17, 1945
Converse, Indiana
My Dearest Darling Husband,
     Oh honey I miss you so much - I wish you could be here.  Even though I can't make you understand it in my letters, I do love you so much.  If you were here then I know you would know.  I received your very sweet V-Mail letter from you this morning, and honey I was so glad to hear from you.  But was sure surprised to hear you were in Germany.  Guess you are in Cologne aren't you honey.  Anyway I listened to the radio and they said that was where the first army was.  I'm down here at Jean's writing this.  Don & Scottie are down here too.  She and I and Jean went to marion this afternoon and came home with Less. 
     Well honey seems Jean is always out of stationary when I am here.  So honey I will write you another letter tomorrow.  I'll say so long for now with all my greatest and deepest love.
I love you Darling
Your Darling Little Wife

March 20, 1945
Converse, Indiana
My Dearest Darling Husband,
Well honey here I am down to Jean's again.  So thought I'd write you a few lines.  Imagine she has a  whole tablet full of paper and don't suppose I can think of enough to write a whole table full but maybe can think of a couple pages full. 
     Been a little trouble here tonite or not here but before we came down tonite.  Gertie and Scottie and I went down after Francis and her Mother told her not to leave and she wasn't going to til after she told her to go ahead, so she went in the house and we started to go and then Merle came out and ask if Scottie was in the car and she said yes and my gosh did she and Merle ever get into it about everything.  Then she told Francis if she left she needn't come back.  But Claude and Merle just came after her.  She will probably get a beaten. 
     Well more trouble.  Don is down here also.  But he happen to be out in the kitchen when Claude came in.  If he had of known he was here there would of probably been more trouble.  Don said he hasn't forgot what he called us girls last fall.
     Well my dearest I do want to tell you I love you cause Dearest I do more than anything in this world and boy do I ever miss you.  Don brought your coat in but he wants that ring of yours that Charlie give you so since you told me he could wear it  I will let him wear it.  Don't rekon I'll ever get your pants.  Well Honey must close and bet getting home.  Will write more later.  But until I do I'll be loving you always and Sweeheart I'll always love you
So long with load of love and kisses, I'm yours forever.
Your Darling Little Wife