15 April 1945

What does a wife write when all she knows is that her husband has been reported as missing?  She chose to continue her letters to him even though so much was unknown, and so she also chose to continue writing about the family, his brothers, parents, friends...just as she would have had he been receiving the letters regularly.

My Dearest Darling Husband,
     This is the first letter Dear I've written for more than a week.  I've just been undecided wether to go ahead and write or not but Darling I've waited just as long as I possibly can.  I feel like you are safe somewhere and I pray my Darling you will receive my mail.  I reckon you have never received any mail from any one according to your last letter which was written March 10.  I suppose Sweetheart you do know what I'm talking about as you know I am not much of a letter writer but oh my Darling I can tell you how much I love you and that is more than anything in this whole world.  But a week ago, Thursday April 5, I got a telegram telling me you were missing since March 16.  I've not written because honey I just didn't know what to do.  But I have decided I'd write this letter then write you a V-Mail every day till I heard from you.  Then I'll write you long letters every day, oh but Dear I do miss you.  But I know you are missing me very much.  
     I went to see the folks last week and Don took me.  We saw Charlie and Ester and went on to Bryan to see Dad and Hannah and then to Metz to see mom and Ezra and they took us over to Hillsdale, Mich to see Wayne and Luella.  We all seem to feel the same way - that you are alright. But if I only knew.  I sure do pray this letter reaches you quick and safe and oh more than anything it finds you feeling ok.  I'm fine myself in health but in heart I'm sick to think we just can't be together.  Maybe you need me, I don't know but I'll just have to brace up cause as I've said you will be coming back soon and I must hold up because I love you.
     Mother is feeling better and getting around better.  But Gertie isn't so well.  Mother and Gertie got a letter from Charlie last week and he has moved again.  He sent us some pictures.  I want to send you a box but I guess it's not much use until I hear from you.  I got your watch out of the Jewelers the other day and I have the pictures to send you and I want to get your identification bracelet.  
     I got an awfully nice letter from Jean yesterday, the girl I was in the hospital with.  She wants me to come to her graduation.  Her baccalaureate is this afternoon, but I won't be able to go as Vaughn had to take Daddy to Marion.  I'm going to write Orvella a letter this evening as I should of done long ago.  I sent the box but no letter.  
     I'm still cleaning house and don't have the least idea when I'll ever get finished.  The weather isn't very permissible to do anything, rains all the time I think.  The kids are all just swell out to Don's.  School was out Friday so I suppose they will all be going on their vacation soon.  Helen is good and Scottie is out there.  
     Well honey he's probably not news to you, but it sure was terrible about Roosevelt don't you think.  It was a great shock to everyone I'm sure.  He died of hemorrhage about 3:25 I believe it was Thursday, April 12. 
     Well Darling I must be closing.  I'm sorry about the short letter but believe me Darling I just can't seem to write much more cause I don't know what to say.  But I'm praying Dear this war will end very soon and you come home real soon to me.  I love you and God bless you honey.  So long with all my love for the swellest husband in the world.  I love you and always will love you.
Your Darling Little Wife.