January 1945

A handful of letters from a wife in Paris, Texas to her new husband at Camp Maxey- a distance of only a few miles separating them as he continues his training in the U.S. Army.

January 21, 1945
My Dearest Darling Husband,
     Darling I just don't know exactly how I want to start my letters to you cause there are so many sweet things I could call you and you mean so very much to me.  I love you Darling and you know it I'm sure and I'm telling you I get so lonesome for you I nearly drive myself batty trying to find something to occupy my time.  But I guess I'll manage.  I went to a show this evening about 5:00 and got home around 7:30.  I saw "Alone with a Lonly Heart" or something like that.  Carry Grant played in it But it sure was a dumb picture to my notion.

I wanted Myrtle to go with me but she was afraid Bob would come home and she didn't want to be gone if he came.  Well I don't want to be gone when you come in either but she things Bob would get mad.  You know honey I've got the swellest husband they ever was.  And I sure do mean that very much.  Of all the married couples I've saw I've never yet saw a man treat his wife the way you treat me.  I know since your in the Army you can't give me every thing you'd like to but Darling this war is going to be over soon. 
     Honey I'm so worried about Charles I just can't stand it.  I know I've said that a dozen times but gosh it sure looks like we could be hearing from him pretty soon.  I wrote dad a letter telling him thanks for the money and I'd pay it back to him as soon as I get the allotment.  But it isn't mailed yet.  I'll go up town in the morning with Kathryne and get some stamps.  It seems like everytime I make a trip to town it gets a mile farther. 
     Well honey it is time once again to bring this short interlude to a close.  Will be back again tomorrow evening or afternoon some time.  Sure hope you are getting my letters ok.  I love you Darling.  Please hurry home.  I mean just try to but come in with the rest of them don't go AWOL please. 
I love you Darling
Your Darling Little Wife

January 22, 1945
My Darling Sweetheart,
     Honey I'm wondering what this letter will find you doing.  Not to tired and feeling fine I hope.  I'm fine myself and haven't done much of anything as usual today.  You  might as well say I've been gone all day.  I got up around nine o'clock and before I knew it the mailman was here and I got a letter from your mother and Aunt Nettie and the U.S.O.  and I sit down and wrote Aunt Nettie right away and by the time I finished it Katheryn was ready to go to town so I went with her.  We went to the laundry and Post office and in and out stores and finally back home about 3:00.  Well honey you probably aren't interested in my gad abouts.  but most of all Darling I've done is miss you so very much and I get so lonesome for you.  Sweetheart I love you more than you will ever be able to know.
     Aunt Nettie said she wanted a picture of us. I sure do hope you will get in so we can have our pictures taken.  I was going to have my hair done up town but I just can't do so, so I guess I'll try and do it up my self.  I went to another studio today to find out about some pictures and we can get three 5x7's for $7.50 and if we aren't here to see the proofs they will send them to me and I can tell the which one we want.  But honey I do want us very much to have our pictures taken together.
     Aunt Nettie also told me about my cousin Raymond Dice that is over in Germany that was wounded.  Gosh I can hardly stand it honey when it gets down to your own relation you begin to realize just what we are in.
     Your mother didn't have much to say But I was still glad to hear from her.  I wrote Bob Ginnis a letter but I'm not going to mail it till you can read it.  I got Charles a Valentine and sent him from us both cause you know honey it will always be us from now on.
     Sweetheart I love you so much.  Well I'll say so long Darling.  SUre hope you get in soon.
All my love
Your Darling Little Wife

January 23, 1945
My Darling Husband,
     Sweetheart here I am back again today.  SUre hope you are feeling fine and sure hope you come home pretty soon honey.
     I'm over next door keeping Mrs. Gambles children.  Kathryn isn't feeling so weel today so I'm keeping the kids for her.  I could keep them all the time I guess if I were going to be here very long.
     I got a letter from Gertie this morning.  She didn't say anything about Charlie so I guess there isn't any word at all.  She didn't have to much to say but was still glad to hear from her.  I wrote Dick and Paulie a letter today and like I said I won't mail them till you read them if you care to.  I also wrote Hannah a letter.  Not much I just don't feel much like writing...
     Oh yes honey I had company this noon.  Ginger came in for a few minutes.  She was going up town and wanted me to go with her but I told her no.  She said she was over yesterday and I wasn't home.  Must of been while I was over to Mrs. Bunck's.  She got to talking about Jimmy and I believe she has it bad.  She wanted to know when I looked for you to come in.  She said she hadn't went with anyone since Jimmy has been gone.  She sure is crazy about him I do believe.  Ginger also wants us all to go out for a weener roast THursday nite if you all get in then.  I told her I didn't know what we would do.
     Well Sweetheart I'll close for now and get things picked up cause these kids have got their things every where.  THey are playing that song "An Hour Never Passes".  Gee honey how true it is.  I love you very much and sure do miss you.
With all my love and kisses,
Your Darling Little Wife

January 24, 1945
My Darling Sweetheart
     Well honey I didn't think I'd be writing you tonite cause I figured you would be home.  But is about 9:30 and still not home.  Honey I miss you so much!  Honey you know I forgot to write to my Dentist until tonite and I know he won't get my letter before Friday and they said if the apointment was broken I'd still have to pay.  I sure hope I don't have to.
      I'm keeping Sharon tonite.  Bob and Myrtle went to a dance out to camp.  I kept Mrs. Gambles two kids again today and I guess I will again tomorrow and Saturday too cause Kathryn still is sick.  She sure has a terrible cold.  Honey isn't Jimmy from ----- (-name of town is unreadable, but looks to be "Logattie")  Well I saw a paper today from there.  Mrs. Gamble lives there.  So you can tell Jimmy he isn't the only one from his home town.  I mean if that is his home town.
     Ginger came in again tonite about 7:30 I think it was and wanted me to go to the show with them.  But I told her no.  She told me if you and Jimmy came in tonight for me to be sure and call her tomorrow and let her know.  That was if you came in very late.   I didn't get any mail today but Aunt Ruth sent me a book to read.
     Dearest I love you very much and I want you to always know it. This is another short letter but really honey there isn't much for me to write about .  Good nite Dearest and sure hope you get in soon.
With all my love and kisses, I'm yours forever
Your Darling Little Wife

**On the back of this letter's envelope, was scratched a note:  "Sweetheart, if you come home don't run off I am going out to look for you.  Hubby."  As much as she had wished and wanted him to return home,I get the impression that he did finally come in while she was out - either next door babysitting, or out with her friend Ginger, or running errands up town.  Wherever she was...he was going to find her!