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His & Hers - November 1944

November 6, 1944
Monday morning

Good morning darling, I have been pretty busy but I have a littel time now so I will try to scratch you out a few lines.  It won't be long till I will have to tell you to quit writing me I sure will be glad when that time gets here.  Honey don't get me wrong I don't mean that the way it sounds.  No I sure don't, that sounds like I didn't appreciate your letters don't it honey.  Boy I don't know what I would of done all the time since I have been in Texas if you hadn't written  me so often.  Darling you are so sweet and good to me I love you so awful much.  Honey I bet you was mad when they told you that you had to stay there but you know what everybody says "Dr. knows best" mabey that's right too.  I suppose if you went home you wouldn't stay in bed 15 minutes till you would decide that you had to help mom clean up the house or something.   Darling I want you take it easy and get to feeling OK as quick as possible.  I have been working on my truck all morning and now I have got it dead lined.  I fixed, I mean, help fix the brakes and put a muffler on it and I broke a spring the other nite and I am waiting on a new one now.  We sent another truck into camp after one. 
     Well it's chow time darling so will quit for now.  I love you Dearest.

     Well angel I am back from chow and I am still disgusted.  Indiana was never like this.  It is cold and cloudy and raining and of course the wind is blowing.  We sure are having one day when a person won't sweat much.  One of the boys ask me at chow what I was going to do this afternoon and of course I told I was writing my honey.  He told me I was just wasting my time for I would be able to mail it anyhow and he is no doubt right about the situation for I wrote mother yesterday and gave it to a driver and it still isn't mailed but I am trying anyhow, and sweetheart that littel gadget I bought you Sat., I still haven't had a chance to mail it.  It's just laying here in my truck getting dirty.  It will sure be a mess when you do get it.  I guess I could tell you what it is but I will wait and let you find out for yourself.  It will sure be a surprise for it really isn't anything at all. 
    Dear please believe me I am sorry I can't get you a letter every day.  I do try darling honest I do.  I just feel so helpless just like a baby.  I want to write you or send you something every day and yet I just can't.  Please forgive me if you can honey, and mabey I will be able to make it up to you someday and let's hope it will be someday soon.
     Well darling I don't know anything else to tell you so I guess I will close and get this ready to mail.  Mabey I will run across some driver going into town.  So I will say so long now dear with all my love and sweetheart I do mean all of it.
(I just had a brain storm)
Honey when I went into camp last night I took your letter over to the Battery Office to mail it and they were making up the furlough papers and there is a new cycle starts in Monday, so naturally we have to be out of our barracks my Monday.  Don't that sound good darling.  Just think it may be only seven more days and I will be on my way home to you.  I won't be able to tell you of course when I will leave but it may be Sat, Sun, or Mon nite "and that's when it's coming home to you"

     I love you dearest sweetheart this is Tues. now, I didn't get this mailed yesterday and don't have time to write you today.  Please forgive me.  I was so glad to hear you are home.  Take care of yourself dear.
Darling, it's still
First, Last, & Always

Ft. Bliss, Texas - Anti Aircraft Group, 1944
our soldier sits in the 2nd row from the top, on the far left end.

7 November 1944
Converse, Indiana

Dearest Darling
     Sweetheart I'll try my very best to write you a few lines so Darling you will know I'm thinking of you.  I'm very sorry Darling for not writing so often.  But honest Darling I do write you as much as I can.  It is pretty hard for me to write lying here in bed.  At the hospital it wasn't so hard because my bed could be raised. 
     Well anyway Dearest I love you more than anything in this world.  Darling I got 3 letters from you this morning and Dearest I sure was glad to hear from you.  Mother also received your letter.  My  letters came from the hospital.  Jean Richards and Margaret Bridenthal were here a few minutes this afternoon.  But Jean is coming back to-nite to stay with me while Mother goes to lodge.  Sure wish I could go.  Mother hasn't gone to lodge for a couple months I think.  Oh honey I almost forgot, I set up about 20 minutes today while mother made my bed.  It was the first time I've been on my feet for over 6 weeks.  But I just about couldn't make my legs work.  But with Mothers help I made it.  I think I'll sit up tonite and eat my supper.
     Well Sweetheart I had to stop awhile cause the Dr. came and then Jean came and Pug came.  In fact they all came and now I'll try to finish this.  Pug is sitting here at the front of the bed giving me the low down on everybody in Cincinnati.  You see Daddy had to take a load of beer to Cin. and Vaughn went with him and they stopped at Aunt Dicy's and Pug came back with them and Aunt Nettie is coming Saturday. 
     Oh Darling I'm so glad that your coming home.  Honey I think I'll meet you half way.  Sure wish I could.  The Dr didn't change my dressing But he was so well pleased with the way my insision is healing.  Gosh he set here for quite a while.  He was so glad that I'm getting along as good as I am.  But he told me to take a week in getting up.  You know, one hour one day and so on.  But for me not to go car riding for 2 weeks at the least then I am suppose to go over and have him change my dressing.  Well honey I guess I'll close for tonite and Dearest I do love you very very much.  Please believe me.  For now I still remain yours.


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