February 1945

**A few more letters to end this month, and none are from her sweetheart soldier husband.  She awaits the mail delivery every day, just hoping - not only to receive a letter from her new husband, but also her brother whom she hasn't heard from in many weeks.

February 25, 1945
My Dearest darling husband,
     Well Sweetheart here 'tis Sunday night so must try and write you a few lines.  Just got home and Vaughn said this was a heck of a time for a married woman to be coming in.  It is after 12:00 but hon, I've been a good girl believe me.  We took Mother to the hospital this afternoon and when we got home Jean wanted me to go to the show with her so we went and then I went down to her house and stayed till Less come home.  I was going to write you while I was down there but Jean got to showing me some pictures and things so just didn't get around to it. 
     Darling I love you so much.  Just seems like every minute that passes I love you twice as much as I did the minute before. 
     Well hon I was going to tell you about Mother as you know we were going to take her over there.  They were going to wait till tomorrow to do anything cause Dr. Maloof (?) has to give her an examination.  She is on the second floor in the sun parlor, and it isn't a very nice place to be but that hospital is really full.  I'm going over tomorrow and see her.  I got to talking to the nurses I had while I was there and one of them said yes she rememberd me cause I was the one who got all those letters from my boyfriend.  Then I told them I was married and they didn't know what to say.  They all congratulated me.  They said I really was looking good and oh I don't remember what all they asked me.  They all remembered the picture I had of you. 
     Honey I got a card telling me your watch was finished so I'll get it as soon as I go to Marion again.  Darling I love you more than I can say and I know you know Dear that I do mean every word of it.  Dearest I must close and get to bed cause I want to wash early in the morning.  Dearest I'm praying I'll hear from you real soon and please write as soon as you can.  With all my love and kisses I'll say so long to my Darling husband.  I love you Dear.
Your Darling Little Wife.

February 27, 1945
My Dearest Darling Husband,
    Will try my best to write you a few lines.  Oh honey how I wish you could be here and Charlie too.  Then I would feel much better.  Well honey mother is to be operated on tomorrow morning at 10:00.  I've not written to Charlie yet but i think I'll wait till it's over with but Sweethear I just had to tell you I know you love our Mother but Dear don't worry please.  If you were here that is just what you would be telling me.  So Darling please don't worry.  As soon as I possibly can I'll let you know how she is.  But I just feel that this operation is the only thing that will make her well.  Because she suffered so much.  We don't exactly know what they are operating for but will know tomorrow.  She is going to be moved on first floor.  I'm so glad cause the nurses are sure swell.  I am going to stay with her tomorrow all day and all night tomorrow nite.  Darling I may not write tomorrow but will try to.  
     I'd give almost anything if there would be two letters in the mailbox tomorrow morning one from you and one from Charlie.  Darling I love you so much please believe me I do mean every word of it.  Darling please excuse this short letter but I want to try and get some rest.  Dear I love you and you know I miss you so much.  So long and good nite Darling.  All my love
Your Darling Little Wife

February 28, 1945
My Dearest Darling Husband,
     Will write you a few lines Darling so I can send it home with Gertie and she can mail this in the morning.  I'm going to stay all night with Mother tonite.  She was operated on at 10:30 this morning.  She came down about one o'clock.  She is getting along as well as can be expected.  Dr. Maloof said she was getting along fine and from now on she would probably feel swell.  I sure do hope so.  The took her womb and her overie  out.  Now there isn't anything left.  I guess her insides were really a mess.  I guess the operation she had about 12 years ago was the most cause of it all.  Who ever operated on her didn't do it right.  I guess this makes her fourth operation.  Darling when she gets out of here and home ok, I'm going to do my best to help her all I can.  She is still under the antisitic.  She is in the same room I was in only in the bed Jean was in.  She says things now and then.  She just asked if she wasn't in the same room I was in.  
     The nurses sure are swell.  I guess I sorta pulled a stunt or something this afternoon.  Vaughn was sitting out in the hall and I was watching Mother and all at once I fainted.  Anyway that is what the nurses said I done.  I never had anything like that to happen to me before.  One woman that was in one of the other beds got up and went after the nurse and they put me in her bed.  She was up here for x-rays so she wasn't really bed fast.  But I feel swell right now.  The nurses laughed after it was all over.  Well I did too.
     Oh Darling I love you so very much.  You don't get tired hearing me say that do you?  I only wish you were here so I could tell you in your sweet little ear.
     Well hon they are ready to leave will close for now and will write more later.  So long Darling, all my love
Your Darling Little Wife