Dec 1944

According to our soldier, he was leaving Ft. Bliss at midnight on November 23rd and heading north to Indiana to his sweetheart, hoping to be with her again by Saturday (the 25th).  I often wonder what their reunion and time together might have been like.  I'm sure part of our soldier's furlough was spent travelling from Converse, Indiana and on up to Ft. Wayne to visit his mother, and further yet to northwest Ohio where his father was.  But before long, he returned back to the home of his sweetheart, and on December 2, 1944.....


I love this group photo - I don't know everyone but I can pick out the newlyweds, as well as her sister, Gertrude, who is standing on the other side of our soldier.  His father is kneeling down in front on the right, her step-father, Vaughn Lane, on the left.  Our soldier's mother stands behind the woman in the black coat, and the photo defect leaves me wondering for sure who is unknown in the photo but who also shared in their special day.

After their wedding on Monday, the newlyweds would very likely say goodbye to their friends and family, pack up her belongings, and they set off for their new home - returning to the Lone Star State.  She would stay in Paris, Texas while he was scheduled to report for infantry training at Camp Maxey, Texas by the end of the week.

And their story continues....