6 November 1944

(Somewhere in N. Mexico)

My dearest and darling:
     Will try to get you a few lines now.  I know it sounds funny but I didn't have time yesterday.  I started a letter to mom yesterday to let her know I got my money O.K. and only got about three lines written.  Ten minutes ago the sun was shining and I had the doors open on my truck and was sitting here in just my undershirt. Now I have my jacket on and my cab all closed up tight and you can't tell the sun ever shined - it sure does look like rain.
     Sweetheart brace yourself for believe it or not I am going to church pretty soon.  I have to take a load of boys into camp to go to church so guess I will go.
     Honey as I said before I didn't get to write you yesterday but I did get you a littel somethin but I have to get into the post office to mail it and I don't know when I will get a chance to do that.  It won't be long though.  Don't get excited now honey for it isn't very much but it is kind of pretty when it is in the sun.
    Sweetheart will you quit worrying about my furlough not being very nice.  All I want is to be with you.  I wouldn't care if I didn't get a furlough if I was just with you.  Sweetheart I do love you so very very much.
    You don't think much of my drinking do you honey.  You know that it is very littel I drink but that nite Jimmy got back I would of felt like a sap sitting there watching them drink and me sucking my thumb.  But I won't anymore darling.  Promise.  This is one thing I have always been able to get along with or with out.
    Don't worry about me finding an entirely different girl than the one I left.  Angel we might be changed a littel but after we are together for the next hundred years we'll get used to each other again.  I don't care if you don't like beer or anything else you will still be mine and the one I love.  That's for sure.
     So you can't figure out how I wire those flowers huh?  Honey you tickel me.  But I will tell you sweetheart I go down to El Paso to a flower shop and order my flowers and I put down on a piece of paper the message I want to go with the flowers then they wire back to that shop out on second street there in Peru and they take the flowers and message to the hospital.  That writing just happens to be a coincidence.
     Well that's gratitude for you honey.  Here I was going to go to church and now I have to pull a gun back to camp.  Oh well they might reform me but they could never change my ways anyhow.  You are the only one I ever did change for and I think the only one I ever would.
     Got to close now darling but until my next letter I will say so long and I'll be love you and it won't be long till I'll be seeing you.  Please take of yourself now honey.  I love you my dearest.
     There is one way in which I'll never change - I will be just Yours - First, Last, & Always.

Our soldier (in the middle) with two of his Army buddies,
probably on one of their trips "into town" to catch a show.