21 February 1945

Converse, Indiana

My Dearest Darling Husband,
     Well honey how are you this evening.  Fine I hope.  Guess I'm sorta tired or something this evening. Darling there isn't much for me to write about but Darling just a few lines anyway to let you know I love you more than anything in this world.  I'm playing cards with Gertie and Sticky.  I started to write this and they wanted me to play.  So Dear if this doesn't sound just right maybe you can understand why and honey I'm ahead so far.  Remember the night I beat you in a game of Rum?  Sorta got you didn't it Honey?  Sure do wish you could be here Darling.  But I have my least of doubt that we would be playing cards. 
     Honey please excuse this writing and for writing on the back of this but I've only got two sheets of this paper.  Well honey the game is over and Sticky won. 

Well Darling here is is Thursday morning so will try and finish writing this.  Of course this would of gone out sometime this morning if I'd of finished it last night but I'll mail it this afternoon.  I went to the post office this morning but there wasn't any mail from you or Charlie.  I saw Doris up town and she asked about you and was telling me they were laying off at the factory.  Sure wish I was back working.  But won't be able to go back till mother gets better.  The Dr. called last night and said he hadn't yet to see Maloof (?) yet.  But would see him Friday.  I wanted to go to Marion today but don't suppose I will cause the weather isn't so good.  Raining and blowing.  I want to take those films and send them in.  Gertie is still in bed.  She doesn't get up very early.  I've been getting up and fixing breakfast for Vaughn so I just stay up.  All he eats or rather drinks is a cup of coffee.  Easy gotten breakfast don't you think? 
     Honey Gertie put a Golden Brown tint on her hair and it come out sorta red.  But was mother ever mad.  She said it would wash out.  Well Darling I sure don't want to but I must be closing and get started ironing.  I should of done so yesterday but (now don't get your bowels in an up roar) I fell Tuesday and yesterday when I got up my arm was so sore I could hardly use it.  But it feels better today. 
     I love you so very much and Darling I know you love me too.  I miss you so terrible much, write when you can.
All my love
Your Darling Little Wife