20 January 1945

** I don't know the circumstances that led to, or perhaps U.S. Army protocol that led our newlyweds to be separated.  He was now stationed at Camp Maxey, and she was residing a short distance away on West Cherry St. in Paris, Texas.  And so, their letters continued...

My Dearest Darling
     Well Sweetheart here it is Saturday nite and I'm so lonesome I could almost cry if I'd just let myself.  We are part of each other now and I'm so very very proud to be your very sweet little wife.  Lord knows Darling how I feel about you and he will take care of you while were apart.  I'm feeling better tonite than I have been feeling but I guess nature has to take her course.  I just wrote mother and your mom and dad a letter.  I want to try and get all the letters answered I owe.  Sweetheart I sure hope you can get these letters I'm writing.  This makes three I've written.  I'm going to try and write one every nite.  I'm not making that a promise but I don't know what would keep me from it though.  So I guess I will make it a promise to. 
     I told Mother it was all right about the watch cause we know how she felt about it.  I'm in the front room writing this and Katheryn and Floyd have gone to bed.  They are the grandest people I ever knew outside of our family.  Tonite I ate supper with she and Billie Mac cause Floyd wasn't home so she fried some pancakes and asked me if I didn't want to eat with them so I did of course.  I played Old Maid with Billie Mac and Kay just a while ago.  And he sure is the sweetest kid.  I mean Billie Mac.  I went over to Myrtles early this evenin' and Bob was home so I came back home.  It was only about 5:30.  He sure gets home early. 
     This sure doesn't seem like Saturday nite to me and no doubt it doesn't to you either.  Darling I know you won't mind me closing cause I am getting sleepy but gee I wish you were here with me.  I believe  I could stand for your snoring tonite. 
     Well goodnite Darling.  I do love you with all my heart. 

All my love.
Your Darling little wife.