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19 February 1945, pt. 2

**The next letter has a return address from our soldier's father, written in pencil as he always did - and yet...the handwriting was not his.  Curious, I began reading...

Dear Son & Warren -

(Huh?  That's a weird greeting from a father to his son...and this writing is NOT our soldier's father's writing.  His writing was...well in a word, atrocious.  This letter was written very well.  I kept reading...)

     We receive your most welcome letter Sat was more than pleased to hear from you.  Glad you received our letter sorta though perhaps you would not get it.  Dottie  & your Mother & Ezra were over Thurs eve to tell us about their trip to see you, we were to the show when they came.  Your Aunt Bertha told us that they wanted to see us.  So we went up to Art's and found them up there.  We had a nice time together.  Dottie said she was coming over to say a few days with us.  But I am not going to hold my breath till she comes.  I sure hope she does.  She is so sweet.  
     My daughter and her husband (another clue that someone other than his father was writing this - our soldier had no sisters) bought a little Press and Shine Parlor Shop out up town.  Can you see me shining shoes.  I thought I would not like to but it is fun.  We shined 54 pr. Sat. 

2:30 pm - Your daddy was just in & stayed awhile... 

(aha!  This is definitly NOT his father writing this...yes I know I could skip ahead to the closing and read who it was, but that's kind-of like reading the last page of a book, don't ya' think? Anyway...)

...Said he was going to the house and rest a while.  He does every a.m. from 2:30-5:00 off around 7:30.  He likes his work real well and he feels real good.  Your daddy sure has changed from the time I first met him.  He does not drink through the week at all unless something special comes up.  We always go out on Sat night and have a good time.  Last Sat night we were to some friends house and did not get home till 3 o'clock Sun morn.  Then we were out for supper had a nice time, I sure do wish you could walk in on us.  Because your daddy sure misses you very much.  We hope it won't be long at the best that you can. 
     Bob was planning on a few days leave but no go.  He has been 7 months since I last seen him, seems an awful long time But I am no different than other mothers and fathers I guess.
     It is a pretty day out today we have had snow on the ground all winter.  It is really going off today, seems nice to see the old earth once more.  
     Well Warren write to your daddy whenever you can.  He loves to hear from you.  "God watch over our soldier and sailor boys at all times."
Daddy & Hannah

(Of course, it was Hannah!  Hannah Schloser Allomong - who would eventually become the 3rd Mrs. Homer Hulbert in January 1948.)


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