16 November 1944

My Dearest and Darling
     Sweetheart I suppose you have given up all hopes of ever hearing from me again but here I am.  Next Thursday at this time I hope to be in your arms.  I had about given up but while ago shipping orders came thru with my name on them.  I am suppose to ship the 23rd which is next Wed.  I don't suppose I will be free till midnite but 10 minutes after midnite I will be at the airport.  I am pretty sure of getting a plane home and I sure am glad.  That way I can get home in 7 or 8 hours.  Mabey we can have Thanksgiving dinner together. 
     Darling I do love you so much.  You see in the army it isn't what you know it's who you know that counts and I just happened to meet the right person.  I'll tell you all about him of course when I get home but I will tell you this much now, he is the one that will make it possible for me to come home by plane.  He is the one that will make it possible for me to come home by plane.  We have made a lot of plans for my future.  I have a wonderful opportunity waiting on my when I get out of this darn army if you think you would like the west coast.  It may not mean anything but I am just darn fool enough to believe it.  I will tell you about it next week, it is sort of a long story.
     Darling I wish you were here today it is really a beautiful day believe it or not the impossible has happened in Texas.  It has rained a lot, snowed a littel, and hailed a littel.  It sure is a heck of a day.  it's just one of those days when all you want to do is go to sleep.  That dam Jimmy sure is a case, boy, I would like to ship into a line outfit with him the darn nut was just down here acting a fool and he doesn't have to act very much.  It looks like we will both get to ship on the same day if I don't take a plane we will go home together.  My other right bower ships Monday.  That's the kid that was in the picture with Jimmy and I. 
     I just went over to find out how many days I get and I only get 14 days.  That darn Jimmy is back here again, he left while ago, He says he is a worried man.  He is afraid Orvilla is that way again.  He said he would have to stay in the Army now to support his wife and family.  He said he had a lot of fun when he was home the last time, he must of.  James just loaned me his pipe so watch out honey I will really do business now.  Oh, I just found out some more honey.  I leave Thursday at midnite.  Boy hon, now if you just feel like riding I will get two weekends at home. 
     That littel piece of paper sure does look good to me all it has on it is my name and "14 days to Converse Indiana" but, yes but.  You littel blue eyed angel I love you so very much.  If you don't believe that just ask me.  I sure wish now that I hadn't of ask you to stop writing when I did but I didn't know how things were going to turn out.  Jimmy and "Dink" still hear from their women about every day.  I told mother not to write any more also and now of course I don't hear from anyone I really feel lonely but it's to late now.  I did do things ass backwards, didn't I?
     I will tell you some more dear about my future.  I thought at first I wouldn't tell you but I guess I might as well.  On the 9th of Dec.  I have to report back to Camp Maxey Texas.  That's wonderful isn't it honey.  The infantry also.  I don't like the idea of coming back to Tex. for I have a pretty good idea what it means but I have known for a long time it was coming.  I did want to be in the double A.  The boys are all worrying now about the infantry being tough but it doesn't worry me in the last for I had eight weeks of it and I never seen anything so tough about it.  I may be a driver anyhow.  Here's hoping. 
     You know that laundry I told you about Sunday, well it's still just as dirty as ever.  Well darling I have given you the low down on the weeks and I don't know anything else to talk about so guess I will say so long.  I could try to tell you how much I love you but I would rather wait till about a week from Saturday.  The days sure are long now but it is a rainy day today.  Some day the sun will shine again soon I hope.  Well, see you a week from Saturday you littel darling, is it a date?  Whether it is or not I will be with you.  For now dear so long.  All my love.  I love you dearest.  Starting in a wk. from Sat. it will more than ever be just yours, for now its the same old
First, Last, & Always
Lots of love and kisses for my own.

**This is the last of our soldier's letters from Ft. Bliss, Texas where he was in basic training.  He has received his orders to head "home" on furlough in another week's time, and soon he would be able to join his sweetheart in Converse, Indiana where she is still recovering from her surgery.  What does their future have in store for them together now??