1 March 1945

Every letter she had written to our soldier had been opened by ripping the envelope down the side and sliding the letter out the end.  Every. One.  When I went to read this letter, there was no tear.  And the flap was sealed.  Could it really have never been opened and read? By the time these letters found their way to our soldier, might he have missed opening one?  I carefully open the flap and began to read a letter that may  have never even been looked upon by the eyes of who it was intended for...

My Dearest Darling Husband,
     Hello my dear, hope these few lines find you feeling your best.  I'm fine myself only a little sleepy.  That's why I never got to write you yesterday, and I'm sorry Darling, Mother doesn't want me to leave her so I just called home and told Vaughn I was going to stay all day, and if the roads were any better to come after me tonite and let Gertie stay tonite.  Mother isn't feeling too well but I imagine in a few days she will feel better.  But they are so short on nurses that you have to wait quite awhile before you can get one and she has been getting sick quite a bit.
     It's Friday morning now Darling.  I didn't get this finished yesterday so I thought I'd better be getting it finished or you will think I've forgotten about you, and that just wouldn't be a very pleasant thought.  Course, Darling, i think of you all the time and love you more and more each day.  Honey I haven't gone home yet cause Gertie called last nite and said Vaughn had to go to Indianapolis and couldn't come over but she would be over this morning after me but she called this morning and said she couldn't so I think I'll go home this noon on the train, if Mother is feeling any better.  She doesn't want me to go but the nurses seem to think she will be alright.  Then maybe I can come back this evening and stay all night.  I've been with her all the time since she has been operated on except one afternoon and Gertie stayed then.  Mother doesn't want me to leave her but I am about give out.  She said the reason she wouldn't be operated on in November was because I couldn't be with her.  She rested better last night than she has been.
     Well Darling I sure hope I hear from you real soon.  I'm telling you I never went through such days, not hearing from you or Charles and Mother not being very well. I got my birth certificate from the Anacanda so I guess they are really through with me.  I've not sent my badge in yest so probably they will be after it sometime.  I got a letter from Dale and as soon as I hear for you and know you are getting my letters ok I'll send it to you to read.   He sent me some German money and a little handkerchief from Belgium.  That is where he is.  He said if you come over that way he would look you up. 
     Mother has yours and Charlies pictures over here, and Miss Turner came in this morning and she remembered the pictures.  But they still call me Bingle.  Even Gertie called and asked for Miss Bingle - That use to be me but not anymore.  Guess you know who I am no don't you.  And Darling I'm sure proud to be your little wife. 
     Hoping to hear from you real soon to the Dearest husband ever.  I love you Darling and I miss you too
All my Love and Kisses
Your Darling Little Wife