October 1944, one more time

**The last in a series of letters, written in October...his sweetheart was sick in the hospital, but he continued to write to her as well as the occasional letter from home via his mom and dad.

October 26th - ...I have to write mother and have her send me some money to come home on.  I would rather take a beating than do it though.  I'll tell you the reason why when I get you in my arms.  You know I have began to wonder where Jimmy is at, he only had fifteen days and it seems like he has been gone a lot longer than that.  He is just about as slap happy as Laverne and I am afraid he might put a littel extension on his furlough.  There is a kid sitting here cussing because he is restricted.  You see his wife is here in town and he can't go in and see her.  He is going to send her home as soon as he can get into town because the next two weeks we will be on the desert.  They live in California.
     I wish there was some way of knowing where my next camp is going to be.  It doesn't make much difference though for where ever it is I will have you with me.  Some gal on the radio is singing "It Had To Be You" and one of the boys just said he didn't know how they expected a fellow to write with her doing something like that.  It is pretty hard to do....

October 27th - Honey I received a letter from mother today and she said you were feeling better, I was so glad, I hope you are still improving darling.  Dearest I love you so much I just wrote mother and told her what tomorrow is but it seems like it ought to be tonight.  It was a year ago I cussed dad's V8 that nite but I would kiss it tonite if I could.  I would rather kiss the one I wanted to that nite though.  But I was satisfied enough that nite just to get my arm around you and I would be thankful if I could do just that much tonite.
     Darling I always adored you but I didn't know until I had to leave you and be with out you just how much you meant to me and how much I loved you.  Sweetheart just think how soon it will be that we are together...I can't believe it, it seems too good to be true, just two littel weeks yet... 

October 28th - The wandering boy returned awhile ago, yes Jimmy is back.  We sat up stairs and talked for a long time and then we came down.  He is laying here on my bunk reading his mail that I saved for him.  He says its pretty cold in Indiana.  We have talked about everything from the weather to ----...you guess, honey.
     In a way I am glad I didn't take my deferment cause I really got a good deal on my basic but I can think of a million reasons why I wish I had of.  Darling I love you so much and want to be with you so bad.  But it won't be long now will it, these two weeks are going to sail past pretty quick.  Don't forget now honey and try to get well.  I want my "delay in route" awful bad but I don't want you to have a "delay in getting well"...

(a note from mom to our soldier boy)
     Saturday night, October 28th - We got your letter, glad to hear and glad you are about to finish there but I guess since it's cooler it isn't so bad only so far from us.  But of course if they send you to calf. you won't be any closer, but I think soon as our girl is able she will come and be near you.  
     We went over and saw here Wednesday and she was doing good her Dr. said.  She looks quite bad but every one does after an operation, and she was sick before she went to the hospital but mabey poor kid can be well now and you can't get any better letting something like that go.
     Pres. Roosvelt stopped and talked from the train this P.M. on his way to Chicago, won't be long now till he'll start his new term I suppose.  
     Your Dad sent her a doz. pretty roses, red.  We took her a pretty potted plant Wed., it blooms all time and cut flowers soon die due to so much ether.  We aren't going tomorrow she has so much company on Sunday.  Will go next wk. I suppose....

(a note from dad to our soldier - the spelling is...rough at best.)
     October 30th - Dear kid, will try and answer your letters.  I wrote to you 3 weeks ago and send you Sherry pictures ditent you get it now?  I am not mad at you, I will give you any thing that I have got you now that iff you need any money to come home you write to me and tell me you now that you can and if you don't I will give you money when you get home.  
     I think I will have a home that you can come to when you get here don't get me wrong I am not going to get married but I am going with a woman that has a very nice home you will see her when you get here. Now hery and get here for my sake.
     I sent yor girl one dozen roses but I have not heard from her, you know that I cant write but I will tell you all when you get home.

And then...finally...the ONE letter our soldier was waiting for...

October 30, 1944
Dearest Darling,
     Honey, I'll never be able to make up for all the letters you've written, I mean Honey I'll never get them all answered I don't think.  You know that show called "Impatient Years", well it is on here in Peru at the Roxy.  I would sure like to see it but I don't think it's hardly possibly right now.  Boy it gets so lonesome up here.  I guess I really am feeling better cause I know there for awhile I didn't care what came or went.  I never before realized what an operation was.  I know I'm not the only person that ever went through with one and I imagine there has been people worse than I was but I sure know how to feel for ones who go through with it.
     I got another letter from you and what do you know my boyfriend sent me one dozen roses.  Yes he did and are they ever pretty.  This morning one of the nurses said I sure had an attended boyfriend.  I also got a card from your mother last nite, and a letter from Charlie this morning.  He asked about you.  I'll be you never have written him or he never has written you just by the way he talks, or rather writes.  
     Honey you said you were going to ask your mother for the money to come home on.  Well honey that is up to you.  But if you want me to I'll send you the money.  I bet you won't get 15 days at home if Jimmy didn't.  But I sure hope so.  
     I'll close for now and honey I can hardly wait till you come home, but we will have to wait.  I love you from the very bottom of my heart, and I am always yours.