October 1944, continuing on

October 19th - ...last night I got to see Kay Kyser.  I didn't have to really but all the boys wanted to get over there early so they could get a good seat and of course I wanted to sit with my own gang.  We did get a good seat too and I thought it was a pretty good program.  I really enjoyed myself.  Did you listen in to the broadcast?  I don't suppose you had a chance but I hope so.  He was only on the air for an hour but he put on a show for us before he went on the air and after he signed off.  I think all together he entertained us for about 2 hours and fifteen minutes.  I sure was glad I went to see it.  Bud Abbott and Lou Costello are on the radio now so you can expect anything in this letter.
     Honey I would give anything if I knew how you are feeling.  I hope you are feeling fine, but I suppose that is too good to hope for.  You know what, we had another inspection today, yes sir, tractor and tool inspection.  The major couldn't find one bit of dust or rust.  I still think it was a good thing he had on colored glasses.  They say War is hell, and if they have inspections like that in hell just between you and me I think I will start in reading the bible.  President Roosevelt said War is hell, now I wonder who has been telling him about Fort Bliss.
     A fellow just walked in that has been home on furlough and he is four days late.  He is going to stay here in the barracks tonite and will no doubt spend the next few in the guard house.  I just had another one of those feelings dear and I mean to tell you it does things to you.  Two sisters just sang "Back Home Again in Indiana" and they could really sing.  Oh my very dearest I do love you so much and I want to be with you so bad.  Thank God it wont be very long yet....

October 20th - Honey I don't know what to do, I mean about getting a transfer into the tank corps.  You see if I do that I won't get to be with my buddies that I have here and if I don't I am afraid I will go to the infantry.  They are shipping all the boys from here to Camp Carson, Colo. which is an Infantry outfit.  If I went there I might go in as a truck driver and there is also the chance that I might be a foot soldier.  Being a foot soldier wouldn't be so bad for I would only take eight weeks of basic, but I crave excitement.  Since I am in this thing I might as well get all I can.  I don't know I suppose I had better go ahead and try to make the tank corps.
     I am glad Jimmy got a furlough too but I sure wish he would come back I miss him more than I ever thought I would.  Jimmy and me and another kid here is just like brothers.  When we got money we have it together and when we go broke we go broke together.  There has been times when we would have had it pretty tough if we hadn't stuck together....

October 22nd - Honey I received a letter from mom yesterday evening, your mom I mean, and she said you were to be operated on Saturday at 10:00.  I don't know if she meant yesterday or next Sat.  Since it had to be I hope in a way that it was yesterday, mabey you will be well now when I get home just take care of yourself darling and don't worry about anything.
     Darling, I am no doctor, but I don't believe people has told me everything about your operation and I do believe you are doing a lot of unnecessary worrying about me.  Sweetheart regarless of what they do to you when they operate it won't make a bit of difference in my love for you, believe me honey it won't.  I will always love you regarless of what happens.  Now dear mabey this isn't very plain to you and mabey I am wrong but I think there is something you have been keeping from me and I think I know what it is.  So don't worry about what I will think about it if what I think does happen to be true.  Nothing will make any difference as long as I have you.  You are all that makes any difference to me.  I want you to be well darling that's all. You just get to feeling good enough to go up and pay the preacher a littel visit when I get home.  As I have said a million times before, don't worry about anything.  It doesn't help any.

(From our soldier's mother) October 22nd - I expect you have been looking for a letter, but I was between the devil and dark blue sea.  They didn't know just when they would operate.  We were over to see her on Wednesday, but I told her to wire me and I'd come.  They decided on Saturday and we went.  Couldn't stay long, Ezra had his fellows to take to work and I felt so rotten, and ether gets me so, I almost passed out on way home just nerves I think. She got along fine of course everyone is very sick for 3 days after an operation.
     They just took one tube.  I was worried they mite take both, but this way she can still have children.   I sent you a wire today about 1 o'clock, I didn't want you to go thru all that worry you had once, and I didn't want to tell you till I saw if they are ok.  After 3 days they're ok unless something unusual should develop.  Your dad sent her a dozen roses, and we will take some when we go so she has flowers all time.  It cost you so much to send them.  Her mother and aunt got her a lovely boquet the day she was operated on.  she has everything and seemed very happy so don't worry she will soon be home now...

October 25th, Wednesday Eve - Honey I wanted to send you a littel something just for old times sake you know but now I won't be able to get into town until Saturday.  Don't you think for a minute though Angel that I have forgotten our anniversary.  Sweetheart I do love you so very much.  Every time I want to do something the Army wants me to do something else.  I planned this morning that I would get a pass tonite so I could send you something and you would get it by Saturday.  But sweetheart remember you have all my love if I can't give you anything else.   **(Looking at a calendar, I believe he is referring to October 28th as being the anniversary of possibly their first date.)
     I got a telegram from mother this morning and thank God it said you were getting along all right.  These darn idiots around here don't know anything.  They got the word over at the battery office last nite and they didn't even try to find me.  When I went over to the office this morning to see about a pass they said "well, well when did you get back there is a telegram up to the message center for you"  I said, "get back.  hell, I never went any place."  They said they didn't try to get me because they thought I was out on the desert.  I phoned over and had them read it to me then I went over later and got it.
     Honey if you remember last wed. night I told you about these girls singing "Back Home Again in Indiana", well the same girls just sang "Girl of My Dreams".  They keep that up and I just won't listen to them anymore.  They can't do that to me.