9 October 1944

**What started as a seemingly minor infection to be treated with antibiotics, now has our soldier's sweetheart bedridden in the local hospital, and she's been there two days, still awaiting her surgery...a surgery that by any rights would be devastating to any young woman who is months away from marrying her sweetheart and starting a family.  He couldn't be with her during this time, but his family stepped in and spent much time at her side in the hospital.

My dearest and Darling:
    I hope this finds you feeling better darling, a whole lot better in fact I hope you are at your best.  I have been feeling pretty good since I got my stomach straightened out.  I received a letter from mother today and she said that she was going to stay with you.  I am sure glad she is too.  Nobody knows what I would give to be in her place.  I love you so much darling.
     I should get your package tomorrow that you gave mother to send me.  It just seems like your not happy if you aren't doing something for me.  Honey you ought to quit being so good to me I will never be able to repay you for all you have done for me already.  There is one thing for sure though I am going to put in the rest of my life trying.  It may be a littel bit like the song "I can't give you any thing but love" but darling you will always have all my love.
     I just heard one of the boys say that it was 815 miles to his home.  I wish I was that close he said he had a notion to walk but I would crawl if we were that close.  After I get home I don't think we will ever be that far apart again.  When I get home honey we will have such a wonderful time we will think we are dreaming.
     I sure was busy today, I'll sit to will tell you what I did.  This morning another fellow and I put a windshield in an 18 ton M4 tractor, that took us all morning where as if I was back in civilian life I could put it in by myself in an hour.  Its a darn shame the way this army works me don't you think so too honey?  This afternoon I took a truck and went after a barrel of gasoline then I painted two small parts of the tractor.  I didn't even do enough to get hungry today.  I'll be though that if I could sit down to a meal tonite like you used to fix me you would of thought I hadn't had a bite to eat for a month.
     I have heard people say that know one was perfect but when it comes to you I will be the difference with them.  To me darling you are perfect in every way and if you think you aren't try to make my mother believe it.  You better not though honey for if you do you will certainly have an argument. She sure is crazy about you sweetheart if you don't believe it I have some letter that will prove it.
     Well darling I will have to quit for tonite I guess as there is only one thing left to say that I know.  Angel, I love you.  Just think honey only four more weeks and you will be in my arms.  That will be one of the happiest days of my life.  I say one of the happiest because I think the happiest will be when we come back from the preachers and say "We did it!"  Darling I love you so much but for now I will say G'nite Dearest.  More tomorrow nite

First, Last, and Always
I love you