4 August 1944 - Ann, Mother, and Bing!

Oh what a day it was.

On this day in history, Nazi Gestapo would find and capture Anne Frank, her family and other Jews who had lived for two years concealed in the attic of a building in Amsterdam.  She would remain in German Concentration Camps until her death in March 1945.  The diary that Anne kept for 2 years while in hiding would eventually be published by her father, Otto. 

Ft. Wayne, Ind.

     Read your letter this a.m. makes me feel very badly to think of you being so unhappy but dear when you start feeling down in dumps always try to remember you are far from alone and so many others are so much worse off.  Those poor fellows across who are really going to town and I feel sure are soon going to make it possible for you you to come home and have life and things you want and are entitled to. 
     I am so sorry you couldn't have been sent else where.  I have planned on coming to see you as I don't see why I should stay away from you while you are in the states.  Well honey you sure aren't alone suffering with heat.  It's been round a hundred here for a wk. and I'm just sick and crops and gardens are burned up. 
     It does make me very happy to know you stand in so well for I know that will make it easier for you and honey we always crawl before walking of course the 1st is worst while you have so much to learn and do.
     I am very unhappy living as I am but I feel when this old war is over we can all live again. 
     I hope I feel better next week I want to go to work.  I guess waitress work as I don't stand factory work.  Ezra is good to me and I don't hafto work but I know we won't be able to get this money long and I don't want it if it takes war to get it.
    Its 12 mindnite I've ironed some and cleaned bathroom shelves and put up clean curtains, cleaned silverware and worked all eve.  I hafto take a bath yet and I'll just get to sleep when Ezra comes.  I'll be so glad if I can ever have meals and go to bed again like a human, but when I start to complain I just say I have a big brave man who sacraficing more than I am so I can live as I'd like again.  Some of these mornings I'll awake to find my little man and his future wife and some sweet little blonds (I hope) living around the corner from me and all these blue days will just be dim memories.
     Well honey I'm so tired and you must be tired of this nonsense.  I don't know any news.  Write when you have time.  Here's hoping your spirits are higher and I'm sure they are, we all have our meloncoly days.

Lots of love and kisses, good nite,

And to end on a happy note, the #1 song of the day was Swinging On A Star...another Bing Crosby hit!