3 November 1944

Friday all day 
(if it don't rain)

My dearest & darling:
     Hello darling just a few lines to remind you once again that I love you.  Sweetheart in ten minutes after I was up this morning a fellow handed me a letter from you.  I didn't get to eat any breakfast but I would rather have a letter from you than all the food in Texas.  It makes me feel so releived to hear you are feeling better, it won't be long honey till you will be going to shows again and not by yourself either.
     I went into camp yesterday afternoon and took a shower & shaved and got all cleaned up then I went back out to my truck and I went to sleep till the sergent came and told me he was ready to head back for the desert. He said he would drive if I was tired and wanted him him to so I gave him the wheel for I was really sleepy but just as soon as we started rolling I got to thinking about you and the harder I tried to go to sleep the more I thought about you.  I might as well drove myself all the sleeping I did.  I just wanted to get my arms around you so darn bad I felt like jumping out of that truck and running all the way to Indiana.  
     Honey when I went into town last there was a letter there from my dad, I sure was surprised.  He told me if I needed any money to come home on just to let him know and if I didn't he would give it to me when I get there.  Sweetheart what are we going to do with all our money, it is simply worring me to death! Ha Ha  
     Honey you said you were in a cramped up position writing that letter now darn it all honey don't do them kind of things, it will just take you all the longer to get well. No darling I don't hardly believe I would go to a show yet either if I were you and honey there is one thing for sure I wouldn't walk across the street to see "The Impatient Years"  I wasted 15 cents once to go see that and believe me darling you aren't missing anything when you miss that picture.
     Yes honey I guess there is times in all girls lives when they don't care what comes or goes (Some boys too) Don't tell anyone though.  Glad you liked the flowers sweetheart, I guess that anyone that can put up with me for a year deserves a couple of flowers.  If I buy you a couple of flowers every year you put up with me it is going to run into dough you know it, for you are sure stuck with a mae for a long time.  And a lot longer than that too.
     No honey, as much as I hate to say it I haven't written Charles and I don't suppose he thinks he ought to write first.  I don't believe I would if I were in his place.
     So Roy is driving for the Fairmount Trucking now.  I sure do wish I was in his place.  How is all the folks at home any how?  Yes, honey I know only to well that you would of sent me the money to come home on but can't you just see me pulling a trick like that.  It was bad enough to have to ask mother for that much.  
     Well sweetheart it is about dinner time and as I didn't eat any breakfast I guess I better eat a littel something now.
      I went over to sign my furlough papers this morning but the first serg. had already done it for me.  Sweet of him, don't you think?  For now my darling I will say so long - All my love & kisses angel

Still Yours
First, Last, & Always