2 November 1944

Thurs. Afternoon
"Somewhere in Hell"

My dearest & darling:
     Darling I love you more everytime I think about you and that is all the time.  Honey just think tomorrow is Friday and a week from tomorrow I will be through with my basic training.  Some of the boys are signing their furlough papers today I guess I will go over and sign mine pretty soon.  I was sure glad to hear you are feeling better, just take care of yourself now honey and don't worry about my furlough.  Mabey if you are still in bed when I get home I can talk the preacher into coming down to the house but don't worry honey you will be O.K. by then.  Yes darling I have been told about your operation and sweetheart we sure are lucky.  As your mother said in her last letter we can still have those littel blonds, can't we?  Have you ever changed your mind about waiting awhile or do you think we ought to have them right away?  If you think we ought to have them right away its o.k. with me.  your the boss but first give me 33 good reasons why. 
     All the other boys think time goes fast out here on the desert but I have decided that there is at least 36 hours in a day and I am busy all the time too so I can imagine what it is like there in that bed.
     I haven't seen Jimmy or "Rusty" since I have been out here but I heard they sent Rusty back to the motor pool in camp the lucky stiff.  I was over to C Btry. yesterday after my pay but I couldn't find Jimmy.  There is a plane flying around here taking pictures and I know darn well he can see my truck but I don't even care.  I have got half of the cactus in the desert on it now and besides writing you is just about as important as winning this war we are suppose to be having to me anyhow. 
     These guys just remind me of a bunch of littel kids playing cowboy & indians.  Last nite D Btry. made a raid on C Btry but they didn't get very far with it.  This is suppose to be just like the real thing, we have to do all our driving after nite with our black out lights on and when we go to chow we have to wear our gas mask and everything.  If we were really across I wouldn't mind it but it is disgusting out here in the desert.  Now tomorrow nite we have to pretend we are retreating from the japs and we make a black out move at three in the morning, then we fire the guns for a couple of days and advance toward camp.
     Honey I just got a lucky break I think.  They put me on a Ration Run for D Battery and I will go to camp at least once a day and sometimes twice but I will be pretty busy driving if I just have time to write a couple of letters a day I will be O.K. or at least one. 
     Well darling I must close for now as I have to go to camp after supplies it is 4:00 now that means I will be pretty late getting back.  But I must close for now and get this in an envelope.  So long honey as ever & for ever I remain
First Last & Always