Young love...

Young Joseph.

An even younger Mary.

I wonder what it was like for them...were they in madly in love with one another?  Was their betrothal arranged or was it longed for?  Did they sneak away just to catch a few moments with one another??

"when Joseph looks at me it's like drowning sometimes, almost too lovely to bear.  And his touch, even his hand on mine!  I dare not even imagine what the rest of it will be like...A thrill of longing pierced her as she thought of the impending hours, months of waiting.  Waiting for the beloved to come unto her.  Yet surely there was reason in postponement; surely it would only enhance the time when they could truly be one.

She smiled....The Lord will give us both strength."

I don't think they could hardly stand for this time of waiting to be over.  I think they would sneak looks at each other in the synagogue - her from upstairs, gazing down on the man she dreamed of being with.  He would catch her eye as they would exit each Sabbath.  Each look possibly making the other blush just a little.  They were legally man and wife, but not yet united as one.  Perhaps Mary would try to talk her father into not postponing the wedding for too long.  Then again, maybe her mother would insist on holding onto her in their home for as long as possible.

They had no idea what they were about to face....