The Season of Miracles...

This Christmas season I have learned the joy of using power tools - a table saw, a circular saw, a cordless drill, and a nail gun.  The nail gun was probably my favorite.  I have sanded and I have painted - not a new skill by any means, but this time the project was...personal.  I have also sewn Christmas lights onto neckties, and polka-dotted glittery ribbon onto a dress, pants cuffs, and a fedora.  For the record, I prefer power tools over a needle and thread.  I did manage a round with a sewing machine.  A very quick round, as my accident-prone self just kept seeing a disastrous accident happening with fingers and that needle bobbing up and down.  And of course, when it's usefulness was ended, I had to wield the seam ripper to remove the Christmas lights and polka-dotted glittery ribbon from the aforementioned items. 

Can I be honest?  That was the scariest part for me.  Out of all things, that little tiny tool scares the snot out of me.  It has drawn blood out of my hand before and I still have a 1 inch scar as a reminder of that one time when all rational intelligence left me.  Okay, so it's happened more than once since there was also that one time with the pair of scissors...oddly enough, now that I think on those two occurrences, I realize that I was attempting the same task...two different tools, and neither what they were made for.  Thankfully, this time around, and using it appropriately...there was no loss of blood.

Another new skill...a very "girly" new skill - I now know how to actually curl my daughter's hair with a curling iron, which I've never done before for her own safety as well as mine (and we both have lived to tell about it!)  I don't curl my own hair for fear of burning my own head...face...fingers...why in heaven's name would I put my daughter in that line-up?  Simply because the occasion called for her hair to be curled, and I figured I was having a good run, may as well try my luck with a blistering hot metal rod.  It worked, she was beautiful, score another point for me!

Yeah, I'm having a total June Cleaver (of course Christmas cookies have been baked too!), Martha Stewart kind-of a month.  No yelps of pain, no blood drawn, no trips to the ER, and all 10 fingers still attached.  This has definately been the season of Christmas miracles!!