Ghost of Christmas Present

Today's visit with the ghost of Christmas present finds me busying myself in my kitchen.  Appropriate, I suppose, considering Dickens' version of this particular ghost enjoyed his food and drink.

This afternoon and now into the evening, I've been baking....baking....and still more baking.  And making dinner.  I was baking last week too, even managed to make every variety of cookie that I had planned to.  That's not to say they turned out well...edible?  Yes.  Pretty to look at?  Eh...not so much.

Since last week, I was alerted to a yummy new cookie recipe, and I had M&M's apparently reproducing in my refrigerator (2 bags full!)  So today was all about the new cookies, as well as a retake of last week's M&M fiasco.  Looking at the clock, I've been at this for about 4 hours, and cookie round #2 is a success!  

But this post isn't about my lack of decent baking skills.  It's about Christmas.  Christmas Present.  Christmas right here and right now.  Because that is what Dickens' ghost represented - he existed on Earth only for a single year's Christmas holiday, as the nature of the present is to only exist in the now.

Christmas here and now for me is yes, baking cookies - a lot of cookies actually. But it is also about playing lil' D's new favorite Christmas song on the radio and watching his excitement as comes racing into the room with expectation on his face. I grab his arms and we do a little jitterbug to the "Shooby-Doo-Wah's" that were being played - a fun little song that sends him into a fit of giggles. A fun little song that is also a part of a medley. Part 2 of this medley is aneurysm inducing, must...begin.... head-banging....Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The princess and I got our pony-tails flippin', lil' D got his air guitar rockin', and we turned the music up loud.

Hope you enjoy this little holiday selection as much as the three of us did tonight!
Whoville Medley by Trans Siberian Orchestra on Grooveshark