Christmas Memories - Ornaments

Christmas - 1981.  In my 9 year old mind, the greatest Christmas ever.  Under our Christmas tree that year was a Miss Piggy hand puppet (complete with purple satin gown and gloves),  and on our Christmas tree was an ornament I would treasure for years until her little felt wing would one year turn up broken.  She has since been retired to "the box" collection of old ornaments that I just can't bring myself to get rid of.  I suppose I could probably ebay some of them (not the Piggy of course), but all of those other Hallmark collector ornaments...every "grand-daughter" ornament my grandmother gave me year after year after year.  It's not as if they've made it onto the tree any time recently.  It's not as if I foresee them making a comeback.  And Grandma passed 11 years ago, so I don't think her feelings would be hurt either.  I don't say that to be heart-less...just realistic.

But no - these ornaments will remain packed away for now.  Because I do still treasure each one of them.  And maybe one year, when the princess is older and she realizes the number or ornaments she has on the tree herself - then I can pull out my treasure box and show her each one of mine.  Show her that the tradition of grandma's gifting ornaments started years before her own grandmother.  

And then I'm sure I'll hear plenty of comments as to how OLD I am when she starts reading the dates on each one.

Hmm...maybe ebay isn't such a bad idea...


Anonymous said…
Thinking Miss Piggy is worth a lot more than 30-40 dollars that there selling on eBay to you in memories. I would hold onto her too if I was you.
Party of 5 said…
I know you're right dear Anonymous, just needed to hear it from someone other than myself to fully convince me. Thanks for being that voice of reason!