Blue Christmas

Just for the record...IF the man you share your living space with has an obsession with blue Christmas lights, do NOT attempt add to his lighting collection without his prior approval.

Mr. D, has such an obsession.  A few weeks ago when we had an incredibly warm weekend, I was able to "encourage" him to get up on the ladder and hang his freaky blue lights outside on the house instead of waiting and having to do it in the dark and cold weather elements.

His blue lights are the ONLY decoration he has any control over.  He didn't like being pushed, but he listened to reason and got them hung up outside.   In the meantime I began decorating EVERYTHING else inside the house, including this 3 foot tree that sits in our front window.

It's really not as bad as a "Charlie Brown Tree", but it's just a tiny little thing that I like to put in the front window so that there is some sign of holiday festiveness shining through.

You know...besides the blue lights hanging on the house.

Unfortunately, my little tree lights did not last, and half the strand was out the next day.  True, I could've wiggled something here or there and gotten them to come back on.  But considering it was only day #2 of my little tree's Christmas season and it was already fighting to stay lit, I opted to look into new lights.  This led me to looking into possibly adding those fantastically bright LED lights to his outside light collection, and I happened to find a strand that changes from white to blue to white to blue to white to get the idea.  Oh yes, and a new white LED set for my little tree too!

For those who don't know...LED lights are brighter and more vivid than regular old Christmas lights.  I knew this going into my purchase.  I was so excited to brighten up the halls and deck my boughs with...electricity!

I undecorated my little tree, REdecorated the little tree with new lights and then worked for about an hour and a half wrangling the new blue/white strand up onto the picture window before I was finally able to plug them in.


yeah.  It was a little bright.  And flashy.  Definately lots of flashy brightness happening in our living room.

...and Mr. D. was not impressed with the new bright & flashy look due to the fact that "the blues didn't match."  Really?  That's why?  Not the strobe effect?  Not the blinding angelic white light?  But because the shade of blue doesn't match the already existing, already hanging lights.

Yes, I undecorated my little tree....again.  Ripped the lights down off the window.  And then I ventured out to my local mass distribution "Stuff-Mart" to return and exchange for normal lights.  

And yes...I redecorated my little tree...for the 3rd time. 

I quit.  Not touching another strand of blue lights again...ever.


Lorri said…
LOL Most men probably wouldn't even see that the blues didn't match. And they would probably think the "strob light" effect was really great.