I think I'm overwhelmed.

I have a "To-Do" list that is a mile long, growing longer daily. Not just the daily chores that should get done, but the errand list that creates itself. And the projects I've taken on. And the list of things I want to do.

Yes it's overwhelming.

Did I mention that I love lists? I love being able to cross items off the list, complete satisfaction. So let's just pretend for a moment that tomorrow is full of opportunities to be able to complete my list...

  • Simple every-day start - get myself together and get the kids packed up and off on their day to school. It's a no-brainer, has to be done...but definately a start to the day.
  • Laundry, always laundry - a ho-hum chore that is never completed and always accumulating.
  • PTA sub-list: meeting with the principal, check on Santa's reindeer for December, photocopy reminder notices, organize budget report for Tuesday's meeting, pay bill at local printer.
  • Genealogy sub-list: Work on Ohio website that I volunteer for, answer numerous email inquiries that I've been ignoring, look into continuing education towards certification, transfer photos and document images off of computer onto CD.
  • Personal sub-list:  Grocery shopping (which was put off from the weekend simply because I refuse to do it with children in tow.)  Transfer family photos onto CD for keeping, clean a room in the house...any room. Just clean it.  Move Lego man costume out of family room and up to attic.  Call father-in-law and find out when I can come over and start creating 2 doll beds for a certain princess for Christmas, call mom..."just because."
Then there's helping with homework, dinner, dishes, heading off to piano lessons, and finishing the day  with children's showers, reading time, and off to bed....them, not me.  Once everyone has gone to bed, it's "me" time...total down time.  Time when I can look over this list, realize how much I DID not accomplish and was unable to cross off.

And then I'll make another list to look at again for the next day.  Yes, I love lists - I've been known to write things down on an existing list that I've already accomplished, simply for the gratification of being able to cross it off.

Consider it part of my charm.