NaBloPoMo #27 - Taking a Deep Breath

Tonight is Sunday night pizza and movie night in our house.  I don't know how the tradition started, but it did.  Every Sunday involves some kind of pizza (either frozen or ordered), and an agreed upon movie - not easy to do between the three monkey children.  Tonight's viewing selection is Transformers in the basement with the boys, and a Hallmark Channel Christmas chick flick for the princess and I.

The thing is, it's exceptionally calm around here right now.

Tomorrow?...That's another story.

This week's project involves the bedding for the newly contructed doll bed.  Creating this bedding involves heading to my local Joann's store.  Believe me when I say there is nothing more intimidating to me ... more completely terrifying to me - even more than heading into "Man-Cave Haven" (Lowe's), than going into a craft store.

I know, I know - I've already discussed the issue of my creativity resurfacing in recent posts.  But a craft store. That's just a whole other level of creativity.  Stores like Joann's, AC Moor, et al are filled with women who who have, buckets of crafting supplies stored away in their homes for days when they're ready to decoupage their kitchen sink, or crochet a toilet paper cozy for their guest bathroom.  Not me - I keep my toilet paper under the bathroom sink, look before you sit down.

So this week, there is the weekly grocery shopping to do (because I'm apparently required to feed the monkey children), the Christmas decorating (which the monkies would like to be done...yesterday),  the incredibly horrifying trip to the craft store to choose material for doll bedding (oh the pressure!), and then the actual sewing of the bedding (how hard can that be?  It's a sheet...and a pillow...for a doll.)  Well, only as difficult as relearning and reminding myself how to work a sewing machine that I use about twice a year.  Thankfully the elf that helped this Mrs. Claus in the woodshop, has a special Mrs. elf that can help with the sewing.

Next week is all about turning my children into little Who's from Whoville for their production of The Grinch...let's just say it involves battery powered LED light strands and LOTS of silver Christmas tinsel.

By the time that is finished, I will be feeling the time crunch of Christmas cookies that need to be baked, the shopping for gifts for my dear family members, and the Christmas cards...The Christmas cards!  I need to buy the Christmas cards!

I will not get stressed this Christmas.  I will not lose my mind this Christmas.  I will remain sane, peaceful, and full of joy for this Christmas season.

{Deep cleansing breath .... HERE}

Okay, let the fun begin!