NaBloPoMo #12 - Why are we still watching?

I'm sitting here tonight with the hockey game on the tv. Be advised - I hate hockey. I don't get it, can't follow it, and I see it as yet another professional sport where grown men get paid way too much money to do what our children may do for fun.

As I'm sitting here with the game airing as mere "background noise" to me, the favored team in our house is also losing by 4 goals.....oops, make that 5 goals now.

"Why are we still watching this?" I inquired of Mr. D.

"Cause I want to."

(Oh boy.)

I forgot to mention that he set the DVR to record this game - a normal thing in our house on game night. These hockey games usually start amidst the bedtime showers, stories, pajamas routine. It's hard to focus when the monkies want your attention, ya know. So he always sets the DVR.

Sometimes when he's out for the evening, he'll usually make it home to catch the final few minutes of the game and then he'll get to celebrate the victory as it happens (or mourn the loss). But then, just for fun, he goes back and watches what he recorded. Why? He knows whether they won or lost. I think it's so he can see the goals scored, or the fights that broke out, or who knows what else happened during the game. I don't even try to understand the mind of a hockey fan.

I suppose it's somewhat similar to me on Sundays when my favorite team is playing football. It's something of an unwritten rule in our house during pigskin season. Home from church, the game on the radio while mommy makes lunch, mommy promptly retires to the sofa after lunch and watches the game. There is no Wii, no cartoons, or anything other than football on tv. At least until my team starts losing...that's when mommy promptly falls asleep by half-time.

And that's when the monkey children ask daddy quietly in the other room, as mommy snores from the sofa...

"Why are we still watching?"