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Movie Review!

Tonight...I was a loner.

I kind-of like being a loner sometimes.  I know the monkies are in school all day, but sometimes it's nice to be able to just get out and indulge in a little "me" time that doesn't involve any form of errand-running.

Tonight was one of those nights.

Our local theater was running the movie "Courageous"...and being that it's Monday night, it was cheap movie night (bonus!).

Just me...and about 10-15 older couples who all seemed to know each other.  My guess is they were from a local church here in town after hearing some of the conversations around me (what? Eavesdrop?  Me?)

The movie was ... as expected.  Created by the same people who put together the movie "Fireproof", and also the lead actor/co-writer of the film, was the football coach in "Facing The Giants".  Going in, I had a certain expectation, and this movie met that level that I had set for it.

Now...let's not be fooled.  It's a Christian movie.  I don't like "Christian" movies.  They tend to be {yawn}, poorly acted, and just way too predictable.  But given the reputation of the Kendrick brothers and their preceeding work, this is probably one of the best Christian movies that can be seen - next to Fireproof and Facing the Giants.  Whatever they do, however they're doing's working for them.

The movie has gotten a lot of hype in Christian circles, and it's not even a new release any longer, so I had a vague knowledge of what the background story was going in.  Police officers...tragedy strikes...and I assumed happy ending for all.

Police officers.  Check.  4 of them.  And a  construction worker who joins the group.  All dads.

Tragedy strikes.  Check.  I don't want to spoil the movie, but good gravy...yeah - tragedy struck!  But since I don't cry at movies, I let the woman behind me borrow a tissue.  (Okay, I may have teared up a bit - I'm not a completely heartless woman.)

Happy ending for all?  Come don't really think I'm going to tell you everything about this movie do you?

I have to admit, the drama was...well, dramatic and the action was exciting.  So much so, the woman behind me (yes, the one who was in tears earlier) nearly did the perfect dump of the popcorn all over herself during the final big action scene.  (It was hard not to contain my laughter over that.)

It comes out on DVD January 2012.  Get it.  Watch it.  (Yeah, maybe bring a tissue or three).


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