Happy Thanksgiving

In a completely, non-serious (wait, I am very serious about this), just lighten up people - kind of way...

I'm thankful that my kids woke up this morning ASKING ME when the parade started.  I could only grin.  I grew up watching the parade on Thanksgiving morning.  I still watch it every year.  Granted, for me, now it's more about seeing the Broadway performances at the beginning.  But I've always made a point of making sure the kids would see the balloons (Look!  Snoopy!)...and Sesame Street (they're in it EVERY year)...and pointing out the musical numbers (because every child should have an appreciation for good music)...

Seems to me, they finally got the tradition down when they remembered the parade before I could remind them.

(Score 1 for mom for establishing tradition!!)

Now on a more completely serious and gluttonous note:

I'm thankful for the bird that will be devoured this afternoon.
The mashed potatoes...oh those yummy, creamy, buttery mashed potatoes.
The sweet potatoes...because one can never have enough potatoes on the table
The carrot/peas combo...not everyone likes peas.  I understand that.  I don't like salad, some people don't like peas.  It happens.  But this is a good way to start.  Go with the combo version and enjoy the other veggie included with it.
Dinner rolls...every meal should have a dough product, and lots of it.
I'm also thankful for the stuffing that is being made.  It's truly delicious, although questionably made.  yeah, you knew that those extra turkey parts had to go somewhere, right?  Don't think about it...just eat and enjoy.

And the pie....the many, many pies...
Chocolate Pie, Pumpkin Pie - from REAL pumpkin, Apple Pie, Lemon Pie. ...

And most importantly,
I'm thankful that I'm not cooking.