8 years ago...

Today marks the start of what turns out every year to be a very sad, depressing period of time. For my mother especially, but also for me as I struggle through my own memories & heartache. So forgive me as I blog my way through some sadness over these next few weeks.

8 years ago my husband answered the phone while I was reading a bedtime story to our son. I could tell from the conversation that something was wrong, but I had no idea.

8 years ago, my step-dad was driving home from the gym, down a road that he had been on more times than we could ever count. For whatever reason, his truck crossed the center line, and hit another car head on. My mom's world changed forever.

Larry was her knight in shining armor, who treated her like the queen that she is. They had actually known each other when they were teenagers - my mom and her boyfriend at the time, had gone out on double dates with Larry and his girlfriend at that time. Years later, they became reacquainted when Larry showed up to referree one of my high school basketball games.

You might say the rest is history. They dated, got married my senior year, and were set to live happily ever after. Until that day 8 years ago...

I took a photo 8 years ago that was part of a Father's Day gift that we gave to Larry. I had no idea that it would become part of his memorial service that same year. But I like to look at it and it makes me smile today remembering how much Larry loved his grandsons then, and knowing how much he would cherish all of his grandchildren today.