One Short Day....

I have been looking forward to this coming weekend for some time. Ever since I received an email from my best friend telling me, "It's your turn!"

Almost 2 years ago, my dear sweet hubby went into downtown Buffalo and stood in line at 4:00 am just so we could get first shot at some excellent seats for the musical, Wicked. (And he suceeded by the way) The two of us took our oldest son who had grown to love the music for this show as well, and our friends came up from Ohio to spend the weekend with us - they were after all, the ones who first turned me on to this Broadway phenom!

Fast forward 1 year later - I received an email simply stating "It's your turn", and we soon found out that Wicked was going to be touring into Ohio in 2010...and it was our turn to head back and spend the weekend with our friends for our next showing of the musical. We waited and watched for tickets to go on sale. We ordered our tickets, and I giggled when they arrived in the mail. And it is...just 4 days away! I'm so excited, I could pack up and leave right now!

But alas, children have school, laundry needs to be done, and the day-to-day responsibilities around here just won't let me take off early. So I'm waiting. Still waiting. Not so patiently. But when Friday comes and my two oldest children are in school, and grandma is here to care for lil' D....adios! I'll be making that trip west to my "homeland". The great Buckeye state. And I'll be singing like I was Idina Menzel the whole way there at the top of my lungs!! (Go ahead, sing with me - you know you want to!!)