Is this the end?

Oh say it isn't so! But my days as a Facebook addict may be numbered.

A few days ago, I did my usual morning log-in to Facebook, and was surprised to see the new layout. Odd, a little different, but I'm not one to question change, especially when in the grand scheme of things, it's not that big of a deal - the world will go on whether or not my Farmville application is bookmarked on the left or at the bottom of my screen.

Now, a few days later - I'm ready to pull my hair out! As it turns out, I really do like having my applications bookmarked at the bottom of every screen that I can click on no matter where I am. As it stands now, I have to constantly return to my Home page. But again, thinking on a grander level...maybe this is my divine guidance to walk away from Farmville, Cafe World, Farkle, My Town, etc... I can accept that. Begrudgingly...but I can do it!

But what about my live feed? The status updates and notifications, etc...right now my FB home page is so messed up, that it's more of an annoyance to to check in there only to realize that supposedly nothing new has posted in the last 4 hours. (Right - let's face it, many of my friends are much more addicted to Facebook than I am. Somebody, somewhere has posted something, but the new layout and design has a glitch or a bug in it that is preventing me from finding it out!)

So am I controlled this much by a Social Networking site that my day is ruined because of a new design (that is obviously flawed)? Is it time to say goodbye to the Facebook site and my friends - many of whom I haven't spoken with anyway since we first found each other.

Oh Facebook, my Facebook - please rectify this new layout, fix the bugs, help me to remember why millions upon millions of us rely on you to keep up with each other on a day-to-day basis. Hurry please before the withdrawal kicks in!


Lorri said…
I couldn't have said it better - except the Farmville, etc. part. :)