Saturday, July 18, 2009

Knock - Knock

Forgive me if I have nothing insightful or genealogy related today. I'm having a proud "mommy moment"...

The 3 monkey children are in a "knock-knock" joke kick right now. Oddly enough, it's my 3 year old who apparently has the most talent in this area as he's the only one who can tell a joke that's actually funny.

Well the other day, the 4 of us were driving home, and as they've been doing lately, the monkies started rattling off their repertoire of knock-knock jokes. Only this time, there was a new one thrown in the mix by the princess herself...

(Who's there?)
(Jesus-who?) - now it was right about here, my ears really perked up and I started thinking I was going to have to intervene. But then I heard her sweet little voice just start laugh as she said,

"I don't know, I just love Him so much!"

Good job little girl! We don't have to know everything there is to know about Him...we only have to love Him. And when we love Him, He reveals Himself to us.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Favorite Summertime Memory...

What would summertime be without making mention of one of my most favorite summertime memories. Many, MANY years ago - when I was just a wee young thing, I ventured off into the world of ...


I don't know, maybe everyone thinks their camp is the best ever. But I loved Lake James Christian Assembly (LJCA). It was the greatest time of our summer, and we would spend weeks afterward talking about this new friend, or that activity, or what crazy thing Frank did this year, or which girl sat with which boy during campfire...oh my, the memories come flooding back!

First thing to know is that at first there were only 2 girls dorms. Dorm 1 - which NO girl wanted to be was located right in the hub of the camp. Ahhh...but Dorm 7 - that was the coveted dorm. You see, away from the administration building, the snack shack, and the chapel...just a short little hike away, hidden among the trees...there was Dorm 7. It was located just a stones throw away from {GASP!} the boys dorms! There were 2 paths that led into this wooded area, and the strict rules were that the boys took the far path and the girls took the direct path to their dorm. I seem to remember that not always happening...

Perhaps the best memories I have from LJCA are of the friends there. Sure, most of our entire church youth group was there together, so there were always the friends we already knew. But it was the new people we met that stick out in my mind.

My brother met his wife there, and I met one of my best friends there. We had a good laugh over the fact when we realized that we had actually known each other for 20 years! Years later, miles apart and life's circumstances often getting in the way, we can still call each other "friend" - encouraging each other, rejoicing together, and just having a good time together when we're able to see each other again.

(And just for a good laugh, here's a fun video of my beloved LJCA - made years after I was a camper there, but obviously much hasn't changed! I remember it all!!)