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In need of a 12-Step program...

Hello, my name is Candy, and I am a Facebook addict.

More specifically, I am a Farm Town addict.

For those of you who have not become a part of the social networking sites. as fast as you can away from such things. Once you get in and get hooked, it's impossible to get out. I'm only kidding of course. I could always delete the site from my Favorites folder. But I just know that I would miss out on reuniting with that one person from high school that I haven't spoken to in the last 19 years. (If I haven't spoken to them in 19 years, why do I care what they're up to now?)

But it's not just the reuniting of old friends - even family members we don't see often enough. It's the applications! Oh my word - who knew that I was such a "Saved By the Bell" fanatic! Well there's a quiz on there that let me know as much. Now Mr. D. has found his little FB niche within the realm of "Mafia Wars" innocent enough little game where you earn obscene amounts of money by doing jobs, robbing virtual strangers, and the occasional whacking of someone on a hit list. And he's proud of himself with his pretend 2 billion dollars that he has in his mafia bank account. And I admit, I was his good little mafia wife for a time and joined in the fun.

But that was then...and this is now:

Farm Town is like a drug! Maybe it's just the old country girl in me, longing to come back to the country life, but I love this game!

Basically you start with your own little field, and you get to plow, plant, and harvest within that field. The more you do, the more items that can be unlocked, more money to be made, more goodies for your farm to be bought. (I'm holding out for the white farm house personally...only 2 more levels to go!)

You can also hire people to harvest your crops for you, making you more money than doing it by yourself - or you can be hired and make an income off of their harvest. Good deal, right? Not always. In this last week alone, I've been solicited by 3 different people looking for a little "fun" outside of Farm Town. And I'm not talking like they wanted to be my Facebook friends first either. Nope, all three were just quick and to the point about what they were hoping I was going to give them. (And I'm sorry, but one was another woman! Ick!!)

So, this was my reminder as a parent about the dangers of the internet. Big D will soon be 9, and he loves his computer games. Mental note to not let him register on game sites. Or better yet, go play the Wii system we got him for Christmas and stay off of my computer! The Princess has also discovered the joys of her favorite TV characters coming alive and wanting her to play on the computer as well. I think she's safe for now, but I can't imagine the day when any of my children get that first pop-up "Hey There" message.

Well, I've been away from my farm long enough - need to go see if my grapes are ready to harvest. And if they are...I'm getting one of my "neighbors" (my Facebook friends who I already know!) to do it for me!!


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