Enough Room...

I'm reminiscing a bit for this one - but it was one of those moments that when it happened, I knew the memory would stay with me forever.

One Sunday morning at church, when "Big D" was all of 5 years old, he did what everyone does at some point in their sandle-wearing life. He caught his toe under a door and ripped the toenail off. It still makes me cringe, 4 years later. Needless to say, at the time there was blood and a lot of tears.

That night as he was getting ready to go to sleep, and I was tucking him into bed, I could see his mind working as he asked:

"Mom? Our bodies are filled with bones and blood right?"

Yes... (I really had no idea where this was going, but apparently the sight of his blood had made some impact on him!)

"And Jesus lives in our heart, right?"

(Okay, you really have been listening!)

"But mom, with all that stuff in our bodies ~ Won't Jesus get squished?"

Oh...wow...okay, I wasn't expecting that from my 5 year old! But as usual, it takes a child (and usually, the younger the wiser!) to teach us a very important lesson.

As Summer is quickly approaching, I'm starting to look for ways to fill my children's days when they're out of school. Visits to the zoo, the aquarium, summertime homework (I'm such a mean mom), and music lessons to name a few. Add to that the much desired time on the golf course for me and the Tall One, getting the necessary things doen around the house so the health dept. doesn't come in, my passion for my genealogy hobby, and my addiction to Facebook on the computer.

My sons words still echo in my ears - "But mom, with all that stuff...won't Jesus get squished."

What are my priorities? Is it making sure my kids aren't bored, or is it making sure they're excited about Jesus? Is it about improving my golf game, or is it about improving my devotional time? Is it about making sure I have a clean house, or making sure I have a clean heart? Is it about finding that long-lost ancestor, or is it about finding Jesus? Is it about seeking out long-lost faces of people I once knew, or is it about spending time seeking His face?

Look at your own life, and make sure there's enough room in your heart so Jesus doesn't "get squished."