Somehow, by some crazy Christmas miracle - the Old Testament homework and the Old Testament research paper are now complete!

In just one more hour I will be on my way to my last class of this semester. Sad to see it end, as it was a great class, and I really learned an amazing amount about the Old Testament. But for some reason - be it the work load, or whatever...I was really bogged down this semester.

So I've decided to take next semester off. My family sat on the backburner these last 4 months, and that' s just not right. I'm also planning a spring trip with my mom up to the northern part of Michigan, and I can't commit to classtime when I know I won't be here then.

I'm sure by March or April I'll be screaming for something...ANYTHING intellectual to wrap my brain around, but until then - consider this student academically free until next September!!