Wasn't she cute???

I received notice today that Google Images has now digitized photos from LIFE magazine. Most people are probably thinking...big whoop. But in my family, this is an exciting thing.

A little history first - my mother grew up in northwest Ohio where, in September of1950, a Polio epidemic had broken out. Well, LIFE magazine was all over this story and wouldn't you know - she got her picture taken with two of her brothers and it was enshrined forever within the pages of the October 23rd 1950 issue of the publication.

Now aren't these three just the cutest kids? The caption for this photo read:

Doctor takes blood from Danny Parish, 4, as sister in nurse's arms and brother watch.

So, in my family - my mother's 10 minutes of fame was in 1950 in the pages of LIFE magazine...which by the way, a copy of the magazine is kept under lock and key within the Paulding County Library should you ever venture out that way and would like to take a look.