I am not June Cleaver...

I know this one experienced mom who really does seem like the perfect homemaker. (To my own mother, sorry, this isn't about you) I admire her, I really do - and I actually do dream of being the June Cleaver or Annie Camden type of mother. You know, the ones who can keep a clean house, laundry done, and have a wonderful home-cooked meal on the table for her family every night.

At this, I am failing.
My laundry is piled up...again.
My kids ate at McDonald's for dinner...again.
I can't tell you the last time I cleaned my bathroom - I think the health inspector will be showing up any day now.

I have put my kids to bed for the night, and if I were a good wife and mother, I would be folding another load of laundry before going to bed tonight. Strike that. I would also do the sink full of dishes that have been sitting there for two days. But I won't. I hate dishes, and I'm too tired to go to the basement to mess with the laundry.

So tomorrow will come, and the dishes will still be there, the laundry pile will be even bigger, and as for my bathroom. Well, just make sure you go before you come to visit.